Thursday, 25 November 2010


It's ON, like Donkey Kong.

Go you Aussies!!! Flog the bejeesus out of those no tub, whinging, shirt lifting, pillow biting, tea drinking, yellow bellied soft as shite Poms!


  1. well that covers everything my 1000 word diatribe that i'm writing was trying to say!

  2. Win the toss and BAT!!! Time to do some hard graft in the middle and make a statement!!! Go BOYS!

  3. please- it is gonna swing harder than a nympho at a key party. no batting til after tea!

  4. Bloody hell, it's not uncovered wickets you know! Little swing from what I'm reading on cricinfo. Eng 3 for 121 after lunch. Unless there is a tsunami around with the pitch covered in green and small furry animals making huts just short of a length win the toss and bat first. Even then it better be a big tsunami. Actually, bugger the tsunami. Bat first no matter what. Runs on the board and have the opposition batting last trying to chase.
    4 for now!
    You little beauty!

  5. normally agree Lefty, and i said above before play and b4 i'd heard about the lack of humidity... just thinking back to all the first session collapses at the Gabba due to swing.

    am watching, and the is minimal swing... but some. most importantly Siddle is bowling a great length.
    Doherty looks good too! good rip, a couple that have looped and swerved a tad but mostly on the spot...GAME ON!

  6. Booyah, Siddle 6 for and Hat trick! now to get rid of Johnson and get Bollinger in the side!