Saturday, 27 November 2010

Disappointing to say the least

Yesterday, as plain as day we were shown why Michael Clarke should never be the captain of Australia. Not only did he let the team down by declaring himself fit to play in the most important test for a long time, he let himself down. Watching him bat on the replays showed me just how selfish a player he is. What sort of captain is he going to make when he will be expected to sacrifice his own game for the team when he can't do it now. It's not like he was carrying a soft tissue injury, the man looked almost like a pensioner trying to play at some of the balls. He must have know he was not right yet put his hand up anyway.
Disappointing Michael, the country expected so much more from you. You better not put your hand up next test.


  1. Whilst can agree with the sentiment you are expressing I think it's ill directed. You can be certain if Clarke is not fit to play, he would not have played. He's not the soldier on type. No, if he is playing unfit it's because CA right from the chairman down to the captain pressured him to play, unwilling to throw to an untried Khawaja ... which raises the point, why didn't Smith become the replacement? Bat him at seven, Haddin at six and we have an additional, if still raw, option. At least he has a taste of Test cricket.

  2. Well, i watched every ball of his innings (and the whole first say with him in the field) and i too am disappointed he played. his inability to get his arms up and play the shot he went out on showed how limited his movement is.

    i think Smith was a good option, but would have said to him, "you may get a bowl, but you are here to bat. your spells will be limited to /45 overs.

    CA ....pppffffttt! time for another letter campaign and public shaming.

  3. I seriously doubt if Clarke had said "I'm not right" that CA would make him play.
    And he obviously wasn't right.

  4. If Clarke was fit to play then he would have assumed his normal position at point for the first's days play, rather than sitting at mid on or off...
    Clarke has had back problems since he was a teenager and he SHOULD know when he is right or not to play, obviously he hasn't been and with Adelaide coming up quickly he looks to be in some doubt.
    I find it hard to believe that he was put under pressure to play when he knows his body best and would, i think stand down if his situation warranted, remember he has not missed a Test due to this injury before so it is hardly an indictment.
    Could it be that he is being selfish, or maybe just thinking he will come good during the test?

  5. It's one of those tricky things where we're never going to know what the real story is. I don't think Clarke is a selfish cricketer and I'd imagine CA desperately wanted him to play. While these guys aren't footballers no doubt many play with niggles often. The problem with a bad back is how debilitating it is and watching him bat was bloody awful. His feet didn't move well, he didn't look good outside off at all let alone dealing with the short ball. Let's just hope CA and Clarke learn their lesson and if he's batting like that next week in the nets - and I mean batting for an hour at least - then don't bloody pick him. The 5 tests are so close together there's no way you can carry players if they've got an existing injury.

    Congrats to Haddin and Hussey. I finally got a sort of prediction right saying I'd give Hussey two tests to prove himself. Now he'll probably be able to retire on his own terms.

    What a surprise North failed. His average when going into bat with Aus below 150 is 6. This really validates the theory he doesn't make tough runs. Hussey can, and does, and this is what separates good batsman from those who cash in on top order success. CA are in a real bind now with Clarke's injury - do you change 2 out of your top 6 from one test to the next? If so I'm leaning towards Smith and Kawajakawqa. I know these are two NSW players but to be honest I couldn't pick Ferguson on current form and Hodge is retired. McDonald is obviously not on the CA radar - and should be in my opinion - but my SA boys aren't doing too well - maybe Shaun Marsh?

  6. Having a look at the Shield run scorers MacDonald is averaging 93 with 3 tons (two in one game, Blizzard (watch this guy from down here in SA; word is he can certainly bat) next with avg of 69; 1 ton and 2 fifties, then Khawaja avg 84 with 1 ton and 1 fifty, then Cosgrove (!) then Quiney then D Hussey. Vic is killing it with the bat. They won't do it but if you've got North at age 31 doing nothing CA could do worse than pick D Hussey knowing he won't be over-awed by a callup to the Aus lineup. Clearly with Watson there is no real place for Ronnie.

    Feel like I'm going back on my previous recommendations a bit but I must admit I like the thought of D Hussey getting his chance; even if it were only for a Lehman-like period of time and you'll still have the youngsters with a lot of time left in their careers.

    What do you reckon fellas?

    Good to hear from you again Lango!

  7. yeah, mate; i'm following the SS scores too- 55!!!!
    oh dear!

    Ronny has slim chance (93!!! WTF!!!), even though he i SO in form, and he's bowling well too.

    Fergy has taken himself out of the mix, and unless he fires up soon has cooked his own goose. Marsh should be railroaded straight back in.

    D. Hussey is being robbed also; and is a proven big stage player.

    just did the first print run on the T's (Nospmas' contribution) was stressing so much because the stencil cutting has been a LOOOOONG tedious affair and so i was worried that after all of that work it might not print well.

    Rushing now to cut the last stencil and print and heat seal each job. doing 8 T's, but at least i only have to finish 4 this week.

  8. Interesting comment from Slats during the lunch break when asked about who makes the final decision over player fitness/injury ... "These days the CA medical people make that decision. I doubt very much whetehr Micahel Clarke had any say in it."
    This backs up what an insider told me this morning on the phone.

    Thanks Leftie. Been a bit busy on my own blog and I'm now running three website for cricket clubs. Also organised the 60th reunion for my old club in late September. I'll drop in when I can.

  9. Good to hear you're keeping busy Lango. I'll check out the blog shortly. Good one mate!

    Interesting re medico input. Noone knows the state of one's body better than oneself. Intrigued by this 'insider' business!