Saturday, 6 June 2009

Friday, 5 June 2009


He Has Done It!

Roy has successfully totalled his career!

Derailed more than once, it is hard to imagine a comeback from here. Many will be happy, some angry, i'm just disappointed. So much potential, such a waste!

When everyone is finished ripping him apart, i hope it can be remembered that he is an addict with all of the associated baggage that entails... plus he is in the public domain and considered a "role model"; whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean!

Thanks for the brilliance Roy, good luck for your future, you will now not be able to have one representing your country at cricket.

Rugby Union anyone?

Monday, 1 June 2009

Today, the past, and the future!

Lefty and Nospmas, a big thanks for your ongoing contributions.
i'm sorry about my lack of major involvement lately, dare i say it... Mac problems!

now that the burnt out HDD is gone, and the new (BIGGER one) is in the mail, i should be more seriously back on line by next week end. Talking of weekends, Nospmas, i'm sorry i didn't follow up on a hit 2 w/ends ago, i got tonsillitis and was laid up seriously for a week (lost 4kg though!). Big apologies to you there though, i was looking forward to being smacked around!

Personally, and i know you two are the same, the T20 world cup holds little interest to me, and i am seriously awaiting the cricket... in England- starting in Wales! But if over the next few days either of you want to address the T20wc i will get involved in the smaller window of opportunity i have on other computers. It may be fast food, but it is still cricket!

Realistically, if we assess it, we are at a crux in crickets history, the game needs 2 formats, for its own survival. ODI proved unsatisfactory at providing the "other form", maybe (and i think it is the case) T20 is the right alternative. Fast food for the focally challenged!

As i've said before, ODI is dead in the water, "let them eat cake!"
We don't have to love it, just take out of it what serves our needs... the secret lies in how players ultimately perceive the value of (Test) cricket.

stoph verismo
down the wicket