Wednesday, 16 February 2011

World Cup

Guys, with the World Cup coming up I am leaning towards the prospect of a DTW BBQ at the Nospmas residence on Saturday 5th March as a precursor to watching at least the first innings or perhaps the whole game Australia v Sri Lanka.
Food and drink would be provided by the house and by drink I mean beer and perhaps red wine.

Please indicate your interest in such an endeavour. All members welcome. Interstate guests can be accommodated.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Some Runs For The "L" Man

Boys it's time to recognise the only one of us that plays competitive cricket amongst us and his breakthrough score on the weekend. As an opener myself who has struggled at times it is nice to finally get into the runs if only 30 odd. But 30 odd becomes 50 odd and so on until you are raising your bat for a triple.

Lukey you looked good at 1 for 90ish and you certainly did your job. As a captain it must have been frustrating to watch the good start slip away.

Anyway mate, well done on putting some in the book. May your next one be a big one!!