Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Australia's 43rd Captain

And so it is that Michael Clarke is appointed our 43rd captain. The media make a deal of naming him as the new captain when the truth is they named him captain almost ten years ago.
His form of late has been barely good enough to keep him in the side yet is expected to improve with the added weight of the captaincy.
The question now has to be "How long will we accept poor performances from him with the bat now he has the excuse of captaincy to put up every time he fails?"
The organisation needed a Golden Boy to attract female followers and shimmy through the social pages and now he holds the second most esteemed position in the country.
Why ask current cricketers if they support him when they must tow the company line?
Once again a decision that is not better for Australian cricket but better for Cricket Australia.
Shouldn't they be the same thing?