Thursday, 13 January 2011

Twenty 20 Luckfest

I forced myself to watch some of the T20 game last night in the hope I might find something about the format I could embrace as cricket.

What I saw made me no more in love with the game I can tell you. I watched in abject horror as Ian Bell chanced his arm time after time with shots that although middled flew to nowhere in particular whilst just evading luckless fielders. French cuts and top edges to short boundaries, which had been shortened even further may I add, soon followed.

Kevin Peiterson stepped up and teed of to every single ball he faced until his luck ran out. It was then I decided I had tortured myself enough and I wandered off to masturbate with razor blades.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Is it too radical...

Is it too radical to pay out and wipe ALL CA test contracts and say to the players: "we are picking the Test team V Sri Lanka on performances in Shield cricket between now and then"?

Is it too radical to insist that all Shield teams field at least 3 players under 21?

Is it too radical to insist that all shield teams can field at maximum 3 31 year olds?

Is it too radical to say to teams that no matter how well they do in the big bash and how much money they make in India in the Champions league that the winnings will be pooled between the competition?

Is it too radical to ask players to pledge allegiance to Shield (and possible) Test cricket in front of T20?

Methinks not.