Wednesday, 15 September 2010

the war before the war

the buzz is on as to where the England team are planning to go as a bonding/educational pre Ashes trip now that a leak as emerged that potential squad players have been told to keep a window of time available at the end of the month.

after last years WW1 Flanders experience preceded an Ashes victory, it is any ones guess as to what the 2 African Andy's are up to this time around.

the only real information suggests the time frame- 24-28/9, and the fact it not a training camp, but more a bonding experience and it is suggested also educational.

With Warne no longer in the Aussie squad to say NAY to any form of extra exertion, is it too late to do a quick lap of Kokoda? or more realistically, a jump on a plane after the Mumbai or Dehli test to Gallipoli to see where poor British leadership put ANZAC soldiers in it.

Or even better still, get to Brisbane a few days earlier than normal and educate the team on The Brisbane Line and the alleged sell-out of the top of our island by Menzies and British and American High Command.

While it was supposedly mainly MacArthur and Menzies idea, why let that get in the way of building up some anti-English sentiment given so many of our troops were away "defending Mother England".
Surely this will help bend the backs of any patriotic fast bowler!

Irrespective of my suggestions, i think African Andy #1 should be complimented on his ideas and direction for the England team; he has been quoted as saying that last years trip to the battlefields was about, "broadening the players horizons and putting their sporting careers in perspective."
Admirable objectives when faced with the horrors of the western front.