Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Adelaide Oval - destiny awaits

Leftriteout in collaboration with Mr Bailey and Henley Beach Tourism Authority welcomes members of Down the Wicket to sunny Adelaide for the Ashes test between Australia and Europe/South Africa/England.

Unfortunately members passes are looking unlikely so your host requests confirmation of the compulsory acquiring of general admission tickets for both days.

Additionally the AGM for the c u next tuesday golf club championship team will be held concurrently and touring Down the Wicket officials are invited to attend this glorious occasion. A suitable day and time needs to be arranged to suit cricket attendance, refreshments and travel plans. Please make suggestions to your host via this blog.

Joint President, Secretary
C U next tuesday golf club
Down the Wicket contributor
Mt Lofty B grade captain

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

It's Northing Short of Ridiculous

I think the time has come to turn the heat up on the selectors and their constant faith in Marcus North. Surely there was no better time to blood a youngster, and there are many, in time for the real stuff in Australia this summer. The man has done very little to justify a berth in the side and continues to have dreams of adequacy.
Hussey I can understand, barely but North must go if we are to wrestle back the urn