Saturday, 19 December 2009

Saturday 26th of December 2009

Forecast for Saturday
Sunny. Light winds tending southerly up to 35 km/h during the afternoon.
City: Min 13 Max 27

Friday, 18 December 2009

You'd Better Watch Out ...

It's official: the English language is under threat from small collections of words which contain a verb and an object wholly concerned with Christmas. The so-called Santa Clause has forced authorities to declare a sliding scale of holidays between now and the end of January, according to susceptibility to rogue clauses. Teachers, through familiarity, are the worst affected and therefore will be absent from their workplace for five weeks.

The most common side affect of people affected by the Santa Clause is an overt jolly nature and the desire to call for multiple quantities of garden implements, most often hoes.

In issuing warnings, authorities have suggested that those affected by the Santa Clause should engage the services of the Christmas Cricket (pictured) from Dec 26th, maintain a prone position on comfortable furniture for the following five days and only rise from their position when wooden structures are dishevelled before their eyes, when suitable cold liquid sustenance is exhausted, or in the event of experiencing hotspots.

Victorian health authorities have warned the public that sensible self-administration of medicinal pizza and the distasteful fizzy, frothy, burpy Amber Liquid Energy drinks may not be enough. Carers have been urged to be understanding and overly lenient during this time.

You have been warned. Good luck and God bless.

Merry Christmas.

half way Perth

what do i see:
Bollinger under used.
McKay has not impressed me enough yet... keep at it son.
Jonno a bit on and off.
Haury- Gayles plaything.
Gayle- has he found a new love?
Haddin almost the perfect wicky/batsman
Ponting- good dec
Aussie fielding today- great.
Windies fielding a bit down on their previous tests.
Benn, get payback and bend yours, Bigbird get into his ear!

Media: shut the hell up about the lack of centuries; it isn't even relevant when EVERYONE is batting well!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

DTW fantasy

how is our DTW fantasy going?

i didn't make changes for the last test... but have for this one.

Perth... thanks for being in another time zone!

Perth Test
as an eastern state living cricket nut, this is my favourite test outside my home.
it starts a half hour before i leave work... and goes into the evening! turn tv/dvd on for the kids, plug in receiver to mac, turn down the volume on mac/channel 9, turn on grandstand, enjoy beverage and barrage!

Siddle out... thank goodness. his tightness enforcing a rest now was such a bonus as i was ready to give it to all and sundry had he been selected. i know as a paceman he must have been looking forward to Perth, but the bigger picture has prevailed; see you on B-day Pete!

batsman told to get ruthless: reason being, no one has made a hunj this series... so what!
isn't it better all/most/many of the batsmen are averaging around their average for the series than failing?
what is better: one player gets a hundred and the next a duck, or both get 50? making 50 is being in form, a quacker isn't!

then what about S.Smith being picked with Hauritz injuring his finger!
i agree with T.Jenner, it is a bit too premature, and given his 1st class average at the moment is 75... yep, 75! he clearly hasn't learned his craft enough to ply it on the Perth track. McGain is the leading spinner in the country at present, but even as a leggie myself, the obvious choice if Ponting wants a specialist turner is Krezja. Tall, bouncy and with a proven doosra it is a dead set slap in the face for a bloke that has done all required to get back in, and is more suited to that pitch.

i hope CA doesn't crush Smiths building talent by throwing him in the deep end when his skill level isn't fully developed, on a pacemans pitch, and with a captain that doesn't know how to utilise a slower bowler!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Decisions, decisions

To local cricket and Mt Lofty C grade picked up its first win on Sat against an under strength Bridgewater. B grade has its bye (2 weeks) and so I've picked up the C grade captaincy since the usual captain has broken a finger (he's a keeper) and will be out for the rest of the season.

I would love some advice here - the details as to why I'll get to - but first a quick run-down of the day.

We won the toss and decided to bat first. C grade plays 40 over one-dayers so my motto is 'get runs on the board'. I opened up and lost my partner at around 11 overs. Number 3 hung around and made a beautiful 63 - we made 120 odd together, number 4 came and went quickly then number 5 and I finished it off. We made 3 for 214 off our 40 and I felt quite confident we could defend it. I made 82 not out.

Our bowling ripped through them - they were all out for 98. I threw the ball around after the two opening bowlers got through their 8 over allocation each. I use 9 bowlers and all but one got at least one wicket. I was very pleased with how we went about it.

So, to the dilemma. My role in the caretaker captaincy is to find the right bloke to take over for me to go back up to B grade. After making a decent score; although very scratchy early, I'm confident of translating it to opening in B grade. However, there really isn't anyone who would either want to captain or be too suitable for the job. Without blowing my trumpet too much I think I'm good at leading a side and all the players remarked how much fun the day was; easy to say when you've picked up your first win for the season! I know the fellas would love to have me captain for the rest of the season but I have no idea what the right thing to do is. In some ways I think it's a compromise between what's best for my own cricket and the club. On this level I feel it's wise to finish the season in C grade and lead from the front - aiming to carry the bat every week. However, the A grade captain pointed out the youth of our B grade and that I'm needed there to 'show the young fellas how to play the game'. A very beautiful compliment.

Ah, what to do!