Thursday, 18 November 2010

I'd like to Purge the people of Earth...

....I mean urge the people of Perth, and Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and so on to look in their cupboards, drawers, in the shed...anywhere for some form please. Anyone who finds some form please send it to the Australian XI....sorry I mean XVII.

Yesterdays batting efforts in Shield or tour matches:

P. Hughes: 11
Khawaja: 13
S. Smith: 59
C. Ferguson: 7
M Hussey: 0 (off 18)
M. North: 17
S. Watson: 6
S. Katich: 1
P. Jaques 28
B.Haddin: 10
R. Ponting 7

Hussey and North were the worst considering that WA made 320 runs on the MCG.
The Sydney pitch must be suspect (why did Kat choose to bat??????)
And Hobart was a good call by the Enlish on a bowler friendly day and pitch.

Monday, 15 November 2010

DTW Ashes player profiles in 5 words or less

A.Srtauss: Captain personality can win!
R.Ponting: just bat, that's all!
A.Cook: Average against Australia- a joke!
M.Clarke: not superman, what's most important?
S.Katich: hope he's fit!
J.Trott: NOT!
S.Watson: still not an opener!
I.Bell: a ring in? surprisingly not!
M.Hussey: hasn't checked the clock yet?
P.Collingwood: "..old Collingwood, forever."
M.North: knows something about someone!
E.Morgan: nick knack Paddy whack!
U.Khwaja: everyone knows it's his time!
K.P: D.O.A
C.Ferguson: what else must he do?
M.Prior: who won the toss?
B.Haddin: solid, but watching over shoulder!
S.Davies: please explain?
S.Smith: define roll please?
J.Anderson: can i bring my own?
M.Johnson: lucky people like his tatts!
T.Bresnan: Where's the tourist info office?
B.Hilfenhaus: keep it in the family!
S.Broad: tall man, short fuse!
P.Siddle: Latrobe valleys finest!
S.Finn: it's a 5 test series!
N.Hauritz: why have you forsaken me?
M.Panesar: staying in Bondi until required.
X.Doherty: Apple Isles forbidden fruit!
G.Swann: not too much pressure
R.Harris: try again!
C.Tremlett: to the glue factory please!


so here is our (expanded) choices with less than a fortnight to go according to the latest release from CA.

Ricky Ponting (c), Michael Clarke (vc), Doug Bollinger, Xavier Doherty, Callum Ferguson, Brad Haddin, Ryan Harris, Nathan Hauritz, Ben Hilfenhaus, Mike Hussey, Mitchell Johnson, Simon Katich, Usman Khawaja, Marcus North, Peter Siddle, Steve Smith, Shane Watson.

no huge surprises and typically we all at DTW pretty much had it covered!
with tour and SS games this week CA have basically put themselves in a position where if one of the new choices goes well, and if their in place player fails, it is remiss not to include that new player; and quite frankly, if that is the case, no excuse is good enough!

the main 2 "inform" players i see missing are: D. Hussey (maybe thought to be too old, or...)
and Ronnie Mac (maybe too... ok, i'll say it, "TOO VICTORIAN!" back to back tons and tight effective bowling just doesn't cut it anymore it seems!