Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hey Diddle Diddle!

How good is Siddle!
An enthralling day of cricket that both sides fought for ascendancy at the end of the day. Egland looked the better at lunch and at tea looked to be in the drivers seat....although without their belt on!
Enter The Woodchopper from Benalla! Siddle was the best bowler all day pitching it up to the batsmen inviting them to play shot all day....but he was far too good for them. I was in the car for the hattrick and had worried motorists all around me as I was leaning on the horn as he took the 2nd and 3rd wicket for his hattrick.
Doherty was fantastic, bowling efficiently and getting some reward at the end of the day.
Hilf did his job. Johnson was Johnson and would be hoping that that is enough for the second test.
Ponting's only mishap for the day was losing the toss, his bowling changes were exemplary and his fields supported well.
Bring on day 2 and a 400 run 1st innings for the Aussies!


  1. Didn't get a chance to watch it till I got home but Siddle bowled fantastically. The Poms were loose though. Collingwood especially early. Bad shot to a very good ball. Swann had no chance. You don't expect those first up. Haddin should be strung up for costing our boy the 7 fa'. He is hanging on by a finger, Payne's broken one.
    It's punishment time today. 3/350 odd will do nicely at stumps. I predict a big one from Punter after last night's appalling decision to put everyone back. Insulting to the bowlers who were right on top.

  2. DAMN IT!!!

    I jinxed him!! Serves him right for his negative tactics last night.

    Come on Clarke, your back better be right!!

  3. yes Nos, you jinxed him big time! just started watching today- been laying bricks and laughing at Skull and his deoderant/hunchback/ and dirt Katich remarks.

    Swanns ball was a total jaffa! i screamed so loud my kids thought i'd hurt myself.

    Benalla ...or Morwell? who cares, he bowled the best and most consistent yesterday and didn't waste effort with short stuff on a slow track.

  4. Happy for Huss. Knew North would fail. I always thought Hodgey deserved a spot before him. I think Norht has pics of Hodge and one of the selectors.

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  6. North had pics of Hodge on his bedroom wall, he wishes he had his talent....Yep you got me Morwell it is.
    Maybe bad for Punter to not back his bowlers but on the other hand people would be screaming at him if he had left the field as it was and let the poms make eighty more runs...
    another awesome day today.

  7. Stalin obviously you upset the boss. Always nice to have another cricketing opinion on this awesome blog.
    Don't walk away. Intrigue us with your cricketing wisdom.

  8. you know me mate, i don't moderate opinion, i think it was some promo thing- no profile just something about game licences.