Sunday, 27 December 2009


What a day!
Thanks to everyone for being so organised that the whole thing ran like clockwork for the meet-ups and was just fun times from the start.

Nospmas, Lefty, Sledgey, Blacky

Stoph and Paul amongst 59K

our view for the first session

Highlights for mine:
Finally meeting Lefty and enjoying his reaction as he entered the G.
Seeing Sledgey getting pulled for 4 by the kid!
Blacky declaring his excitement was almost enough to have a public massy!
Nosmas' (not so) sly kip- how he wasn't "asked to leave" is beyond me!
Sledgeys super fast reflexes in dealing with my forgetfulness! Cheers!
fine knocks from the top 3 batsman.
the first spell from Aamer... then wondering why he was bowled into the wind while the spinner bowled with it????
Having Paul now on a hat-trick for not being ejected!
the noise as Kat approached the 100; the smallish crowd should be proud to have been so loud!

down the wicket at the cricket

Nospmas' kip

I have just this morning seen the wickets, as those that were there would know i missed them all... and the replays!
the run-out was pathetic, Kat fessed to being guilty of ball watching and therefore creating half the problem.
I can see the Aussies geting 500+ with easy this morning, and hopefully putting the Pakis in for the entire last session.

Lango, you missed out on a ripping day!

stoph verismo
down the wicket