Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew ...

Look, I know you are sick of hearing about my dislike, distrust, dismay and just plain dissing of the Australian selectors but really, where else is there for me to go in response to the latest rabbit-from-a-hat surprise, Clint McKay? Yes he debuted three years ago in first class cricket and yes his record is reasonable, even good but his only international experience is two one-day games in India. Against that, we have Stuart Clark, with nearly one hundred Test wickets and the man mostly responsible for Australia's only win in the recent fiasco in England. Of course, we are playing the West Indies and this is a selection for the future. Good, then make it in two years time! It comes as no surprise, that the current President of the Jamie Siddons Club, Brad Hodge, has announced his retirement today from first class cricket. Quite apart from remarking his outstanding record in all cricket caps, including the Baggy Green one, it should also be noted that he had to retire so the Presidency could be cast on Stuart Clark. Further postscript to the Hodge career: if you had your time over Brad, perhaps you would have taken that swing at the bouncer in an all night Sydney bar or as a Victorian, dropped your Wangaratta out for that lass in another bar in India. You might have been made Captain? I'll be there in Newcastle in a couple of weeks mate to cheer you on and off the field and believe me, I don't do that for many non-Bluesmen and never for a Mexican. Like others before you, your career hit a Hilditch.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Disaster In Tamworth

It was a day of disaster in Tamworth as my City United club were spanked by arch rival Bective Easts in all four grades. Hammered, slogged, flogged ... where Bill Lawry when you need him?

Firsts were playing the first club game to be played under lights in Tamworth. They got 4-300 off 45 overs, we replied with 175.

Seconds gave up 3-236 off 40 and replied with 105.

Thirds recovered to get 155 when our young fast bowler spanked 41 at No10. Bective lost three wickets getting their.

Fours managed only 110 and were passed with only 5 wickets gathered.

Rough reckoner - they scored 800 odd for the loss of 15 and we replied with 445 for the loss of 40.

Oh well. We had a ovely BBQ after the games!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

it is what you make of it that counts

with such a disappointing outcome, i still feel the need to look at some of the details.

the Windies ARE going to be going home with no great joy from results... but they should be taking some from outcomes.
they did win sessions -some with the bat, some with the ball.
as mentioned, when you are missing a world class batsman and your strike bowler, things will always be an uphill push.

if Benn could keep the skills he has, but add some actual turn i could see him making a big contribution to further success.
Bravo is just cricketing gold, and has a great attitude to go with his impressive skills (disregarding his duck!) and dedication to the job.

Ramdins gloves are great and he is good for runs too.

while the loss is a shocker, i look forward to their potential with a full squad and a little more self belief. It is just a case of filling all the boxes... and while the result says otherwise, i hope they can fulfil what i see as their potential.

Barath... well, there is your future foundation for big innings.