Friday, 26 November 2010

Tea for (day) 2

anyone want odds on whether somebody will go into 3 figures this test?

Tea, day 2 and this is shapping up as a very interesting Test- and one that exemplifies everything that is great about Test cricket.

i missed North's dismissal (must have been only just as he was in when i went to school pick up; if he isn't R's before Adelaide i will boo him (but preferably anyone from CA) loudly- although if you are picked, you're obviously going to play! So what filth does he have on Hilditch?

Huss just hit his 50, looking very determined to remove the doubt over his name.


  1. Another awesome day of tought cricket.
    We need to bat for at least 2 sesions to make sure the Poms are under pressure trying to set us a target...if we bat for that long then we should be 100 in front and that sets the Match up beautifully....for us.
    Having said that it would be even better if we piled on another 250 and then roll them.

  2. If Hussey can get through tomorrow early I am tipping 400+ for us. If he doesn't it's gonna be tight. Swann is getting genuine turn so we don't wantt to be chasing much more than 100 in the 4th.
    I am keen to see Doherty ply his wares on a wearing TEST wicket where there should be some real grip.
    You see what I did there. I even liked it myself.
    All up an awesome advertisement for the long stuff so far and a great invite to the DTW crew next week in Adelaide. Get ready Lefty, it's on for the most anticipated weekend for quite a while on my calendar.

  3. Two great days of Test cricket ... the real stuff. Neither side is great and as we've seen, their is an eveness that is to be admired about them. The English bowling has been impressive, with better line and length than Australia (Siddle aside) and more perserverence than we have seen from Poms in Australia for more than twenty years.
    A great hand from Hussey, matching Bell on the first day. Clarke was as disengaged as Johnson had been will the ball but the little darling seldom attracts the same criticism.
    Bring back Hodge!
    For anyone who is interested what Lango sounds like, follow the link to my latest venture, a short weekly spot with two other sad old timers on out local ABC
    Its going to be a great summer.

  4. "anyone want odds on whether somebody will go into 3 figures this test?"
    I'm certainly not going to jinx anyone else with my bold predictions. The scoreline is somewhere where I thought it would be if not a little slower but the player predictions have been woeful.
    Johnson to star with the ball, Ponting to make a score. Not good.