Saturday, 17 January 2009

Damned Duminy!

Ponting must be scratching his head thinking, "what happened?" last night in the 1st ODI against SA. After being tied down for a while at the crease, Australia posted a competitive score and then began supporting it well enough.

Duminy AGAIN looked like he has no real threats within the Australian line-up, and the "weakest link" in the SA side -McKenzie- actually got some runs against his name! At this time the game was in a nice- though somewhat boring- point of balance; then that balance tipped decidedly Australia's way, with quick wickets.

Enter A.Morkel! In one Hilfenhaus over the game was effectively taken away from Ponting.
This post is not a criticism, as i think Ponting worked his bowlers and his field well- ably assisted by Clarke- when it was clear Morkel was there to win the match; evident by the HUMONGOUS and STRAIGHTEST drive imaginable! The big issue was the 'setting-in' of Duminy to steady the innings and allow a powerhouse hitter like Morkel to save the day.

I'm sure the Aussie bowlers have a plan (each) for Duminy, but what ever it may be, it plainly isn't working; he is such a talent!
I don't have one - although Flem on the radio said a series of short ones (not necessarily bouncers)and then jammed in at his feet is what he'd do... old school, but worth a try!

Of concern was the amount of wides bowled by our bowlers too: Tait and Hilf gave away too much down leg side; it is not like they don't know that it will be called if it is even an inch off the pads!

While all is not "doom and gloom" after this game, i think the biggest thing highlighted was that, even when the ball/runs ratio is close, the longer periods of 'tied down' play in ODI mean the death of the format to T20.... my 20c.

stoph verismo

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Instant swamp?

Here we go for instalment number 2 of this seasons T20 fixture.
What an interesting first match; interesting in that the star was un-capped at first class level. Had i had the opportunity to post just prior to that game i would have questioned the value of such a move; Warner's results would have seen mud on my face.

What i do question is whether it is right for players to jump from grade to national cricket.
I'm happy for player to find fast success, but how is it fair to those players that have diligently worked their way through the system, "paying their dues" so to speak... everyone hates a queue jumper!
Now this criticism is not directed at Warner- who wouldn't take such an opportunity (and well done to him for capitalising on his chance). It is more a question of whether we still believe in a "fair go" in this country?

With this precedent, are players going to get the depth of experience considered vital for a longer international career? Are they going to aim only to bash their way into international contention and IPL dollar glory? Will the domestic competition been seen as the backwater of Australian cricket; a place for the "almost good enoughs", as players endeavour to emulate Warner and bypass representing their states? Do people think I'm making something out of nothing?

stoph verismo