Friday, 6 March 2009

a captains knock

With the negative cricket vibe at the moment, i think it is time for another fantasy team.
Although all these things are contrived i though the new perameter will be:

Create a (all era's) team, consisting only of national captains!
These can be full time captains or a player that has even for just one game captained their country; any cricket format is acceptable.

This might help:

stoph verismo

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lee? Clark? Either? Neither?

So if Brett and Stuart were fully fit and rearing to go would you pick them???
Highpathetical in this case there are no injuries to Siddle, Johnson or any other Aussie bowler.

Clarke over Lee surely (I reckon Brett is done) and only to make sure Clark is match fit for the tour of Pomgolia.

Personally I dont think there should be any change and the next bowlers in line for a crack should come from:
Harwood (So many reasons, even cricket ones)
Bollinger (A Sub-Editors wet dream)
Bracken (Does he have the head for the 5 day game? methinks he does)
Davis (I know, I know another Left armer)
Any other young up and comer who lives fast, bowls fast, breathes fire, and aches to kill his first batsman with a piece of leather.

Any others?

It's time to let all the up and comers know that we have wiped the slate clean and the spots are there for the taking.

Unless your from NSW

Outside Sledge

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A New Beginning

Thanks Stoph for the invite.

It's such a pity that sport is surrounded by politics and fanatacism. Already a dangerous mix, cricket becomes positioned to be run over by the politics and fantatacism train: rather than a contributor to its birth. Now the PCB has no cards left to trade with to enable test, or as likely, any cricket in Pakistan for a very long time.

The many local fans of Younis and others, in Karachi and Lahore, won't be watching blokes in white playing on a road any time soon. I hope the awful situation at least diminishes for the poor people of Pakistan. Perhaps then sport can be celebrated and enjoyed by so many that can't presently.

But on a more positive note........

How good is this series in South Africa going to be? Unbelievably freaking good! I think any focus on an ICC world test ranking is pointless because Aus and RSA are simply two equally matched, geat sides. I reckon Aus will get over them again before flying back though.

It's two-all now in a 6 test series with both teams having times of brilliance with the bat and ball. South Africa are playing the exact same 11 as they did in Aus; while Aus played three blokes for their first time. Aus selectors will be patting themselves on the back smugly. It did look like a different Australia in the middle of the bullring over the first few days of the test match.......and the last one. Well done boys, well done.

Bring on the next test!


next stop, isolation!

Fundamentalist -1
Pakistan people/players/cricket/supporters/world cricket -0

Sadly, and for the sake of player security, the people of Pakistan must be denied the world cup.

The government will be deemed remiss in their duty of care to these players that stepped up to fill a vacated schedule.

The lunatic element of this society that is incapable of ANY tolerance to difference will get what they want through these actions... less outside contact.

When wholesale change is made to the mindset of the people within this region, so that no one at any level of society will tolerate these hateful attitudes and actions, acceptance will come from the rest of the global community.

I'm not holding my breath!

stoph verismo