Friday, 10 September 2010

greatest ever...

look, i know it is just soooo contrived, and we have done best teams before. but i've just watched abc dvd's cricket in the 60's and i'm half way through the "Chappel era' and i thought it might be fun to hear what your favourite (not best) player is in each position.

set your own standards: mine are world cricketers, as i just love the game more than nationality.

opening batsmen should be a pair, i think...but you can create your own.

for me:
as a kid, i always felt we were not even close o the job being underway when they were out..
very close 2nd Langer/Hayden

Thursday, 9 September 2010

KP in SA

it looks like KP has his Ashes prep all sorted out; a trip home to play for Kwazulu-Natal Inland to get himself right for dry hot Aus conditions.

Well Kev, a quick look at google news or a weather site might make you think continuing on in Blighty might be better prep.

sure we have a few months to go, but any more rain over October/November is going to see the ground water really steam out when the sun hits it, well, at least here in Melbourne! we could have 2 humid swing tests.

if any of our boys get some genuine sideways through the air, KP may have another Twitter twatter... i can only hope!

Monday, 6 September 2010

1st draft boxing day T design

back design

front design

Sledgey, you may want to tweak yours a bit, i don't think Harmison is in the mix!

general thought please?
i won't be starting the stencils until the weekend, and i'll do mine and Paul's first as they are "locked in", as well as a stencil for each name, as i will jig thaem so they are seperate to the back design.