Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Ok, after all the media guff and speculation it's time to put on record how we think this Series will pan out.
1st Test result
Series result
Most runs
Most wickets
Man of the series
Best dressed fans

Here's mine.

1st Test: Australia wins by 5 wickets
Series result: Australia win 3-1
Most runs: Ponting
Most wickets: Johnson
Man of the Series: Ponting

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  1. 1st Test: Australia wins by 8 wkts
    England bat first winning a toss they wished they had lost. In all sorts early and bowled out for below 250 just after tea. Australia take advantage and bat until just before lunch on Day 3 amassing 420+. England start promisingly in their second dig but collapse to be all out for 240 ish just after lunch on Day 4. The Aussies make light work of the target losing two meaningless late wickets.
    Johnson 4 for and 3 for. Watson and Ponting 100's.
    Bell out in the 90's.

    Series result: Australia win 2-1
    Most runs: Bell
    Most wickets: Johnson
    Man of the Series: Johnson

  2. Thought your money was on Eng Nos!

    1st test; Eng win by 3 wickets after Ponting wins the toss, bats and Aus are rolled for 176. Eng don't fare much better making 245 and Aus dig in to set Eng 218. Eng are coasting at 2 for 152 before Doherty rips through the middle order but Johnson proves ineffective at getting out the tail with Prior and Broad getting the tourists home.

    Series result; Aus 2 Eng 2 (Swann takes 13 in Syd while Hussey makes an unbeaten double ton at the WACA - his only score for the series, Ponting makes 175 at the G and Adelaide doesn't have Warne to spin webs on it so results in a draw with 550 playing 550). North fails to get past 37 in the series but is backed by selectors while Clarke's spine exits his back during the 2nd innings in Brisbane. Ponting is accompanied to the wicket in Sydney by an occupational therapist to aid his batting with dementia. Johnson is called for a suspect action when he delivers a ball from below his knee after losing confidence. Katich plays with a broken neck and right leg in Adelaide. Watson is late to the game at the WACA after being sighted getting a fake tan at a local beautician.

    Most runs; Strauss with 598
    Most wickets; Swann with 35
    Man of the Series; Swann
    Best dressed; 8 blokes in prison attire with balls and chains out-do those sexy fellas in kilts. There is debate as to whether the 8 guys are prisoners thereby not actually dressing up but rather wearing everyday clothes.

  3. I was England Lefty but I just love the underdog. I can't help myself and mix that with a bit of unbridled patriotism and you have a series win to the green and gold.
    Expeditious? Yes but so was a 5-0 whitewash last time they came here with no cleaning agents.
    BIG series for Johnson and Ponting. Clarke will withdraw from more than half the tests with his back complaint and Kwaja will not fail but will not shine either. I agree, Huss will make runs in WA but I think he will score in Adelaide too. I recckon I might get some runs there too.

  4. ok, i'll play, but i don't like what i'm going to say.

    england win 2-1 (maybe 3-1, but i think rain)
    most runs...Bell (he is annoying, but...)
    Collingwood will take THE classic catch.
    Swann will end up with 31 scalps, and make 200 runs.

    Jono will get dropped as he just won't find THAT line.

    agree with Nos, Clarke will need a rest, but even though i haven' tbowled a ball, i predict Nospmas will only belt my bad ones for runs and the rest he will just bow in respect...:-D

    whoever bats first in brisvegas will soon go, "oh yeah, it swings a bit here in this humidity, even on the first day!"

    man of the series:given i wouldn't mind going to day 3 at the G, i'm gonna say me... but if not me, Haddin- don't know why, just being the fly in the ointment, should get the odd run.

    if you have a hotmail address, suggest you do 2- or more teams in the league.

    best dressed fans is a foregone conclusion. damn we will be good. thank funk Paul has got on board too,

  5. Have to be happy with the first day of the series gents. Who would have thought Siddle would tear them a new one, well 6 new ones actually. His hat trick ball was near unplayable. So often you see hat trick ball too short or too wide but not this time.
    I was praying, and I hate that, for Australia not to give up wickets in the last nervous session but they held strong and set it up for a HUGE 2nd day.
    For the record my prediction is not too far off the mark. Just 11 runs, and the fact Johnson bowled pretty ordinary.
    Now all I need is for the Aussies to bat all day tomorrow and a little of the next day and we will be well on the way to a 1-0 lead. All set for the slog that will be the run fest in Adelaide.