Monday, 30 January 2012

HOWZAT! Run out? No, just retiring.

Well, after 355 posts (including this one), 2 T-shirts, kilts, kilometers, 20528 views from all parts of the globe a couple of road trips -and flights by Lefty- many beers, even more overs and innings, team changes, legends leaving, mentions in the Vic Pol newsletter,4 changes in page layout, hundreds of posts in other blogs/forums/sites to gain interest in DTW, and laughs; great belly laughs, i've decided it is time for me to pull the pin on DTW. Well, my involvement with DTW that is; if anybody is interested in taking over control please let me know and i'll arrange access.

I'm not taking this course without a lot of reflection and consideration- it has certainly been a lot of fun. At times (behind the scenes an incredable lot of work too!), but i've arrived at this descision based on my passion dwindling away to the point that i think what i had as a vision for the blog has now become redundant and unworkable; it is certainly not motivating me.

I still remember the day i set it up, i was sick in bed and i was sick to death of forum keyboard warriors flexing their enter key in everyones faces, safely tucked away behind a monitor. The common theme was attack everybody and every thing, never give a reason and never make a consession... very boring and pointless. i decided that there must be a more fulfilling way and so looked around for something.

The hours it took me to put together the first format were frustrating but to see it up and running left me totally rapt!
Then as you blokes joined in and shared your passion for this game that we love it all seemed so worth it as i posted comment and copy in every format i could find on the net so as to try and build interest and a following.

Now that i have asked you all your thoughts on the direction of DTW, it seems it can not be all things to all people and at this time now it is nothing to me.
I no longer have the time to pursue this with the passion i conceived it deserved, and quite frankly, i have other interests that i am wishing to advance and are engrossed in.

It is not that i'm no longer keen on all things cricket, but i just don't think i have steered this to a place i originally thought it could have gone.

thanks once again Sledgey, Nos, Lefty and Lango for all of your contributions, encouragement and comment. It's been... ongoing!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

DTW 2012, the Next Frontier!

Another Test summer has come and gone and am feeling a little empty now...nothing on TV, the grandstand team are talking about our individual women's synchronised swimming prospects at the Olympics......I nearly watched tennis!

So thought I would bring our next trip into some sort of focus.
Seth Efrika are touring for 3 tests from the start of November, I am guessing Perth, then Brisbane then Adelaide?
Then we have the Lankans for Three tests as well as other shenanigans...Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart (again guessing) I have not been able to find any fixed venues or dates, although that far from means that they don't exist.

So, since it will be a flight to the next venue and more time would need to be taken off work, it might be best to get some half baked ideas at least...where do we want to go?

We have Engerland again in 2013 for 5 Tests so that may mean Hobart is off the menu for watching the soap dodgers down there.

I am easy, but then again you knew that.