Saturday, 4 September 2010

Boxing day T's

getting in early this year.

as Nospmas and i have tossed it up, it is time to put together our T-shirt design for Boxing day.

my proposal: i am going to screen print the design this year to save the cost (as the Down the wicket T's from 3 years ago cost a motza to print). i have the screen printing stuff now, so the only cost is your T-shirt.

for the regular crew, i suggest we each get to include one block of text or design.
my brother wants for his contribution- "Swan street early openers!"

no surprises there! luckily it isn't spelt "Swann"! i might put this on a sleeve as it is only a small block of text.

i know Nospmas you have a soap dodging theme in mind. please confirm and i'll make it happen. where do you want it on the shirt?

we'll have to get onto Sledgey and see what he'd like.

i already know what i'm contributing this year: UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS I STAND

but i'm a bit in love with that!

Lefty, i feel we ripped you off a bit last year, because we had plans to put one together, but left it too late, you probably deserve an honorary one... if you want in, throw up an idea.

Lango and PC, want to come to Melbourne for xmas?

the ball is rolling gentlemen. as this is my brother and my 23rd Boxing day -he says 24th, but many would be a blur to him- i think we need to start recognising this tradition a little more and add to it each year. Sledgey is well into double figures and Nospmas, i know you've got a few on the board too.

...oh, and the plan is to print green onto a gold T's... for obvious reasons, but also as it is easier to print dark onto light, and the colours will also match my kilt!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Anyone else concerned?

It's always sad when the subject of match fixing rears it's ugly head in any sport much less my beloved cricket. Once again it is Pakistan mentioned with four players including their captain suspected of wrong doings. I know I had my suspicions when they toured Australia with one very suspect result highlighting the issue but last night's happenings in Blighty are another thing entirely. Specifically the accusation is not results based however how England were able to recover from 7/102 to eventually make 446 and then for Pakistan to succumb all out 71 and 4/41 seems to make a mockery of that. At 7/102 the Poms were paying around $20 so you don't have to be a genius to realise the temptation was there.
We are living in a sad world when a spectacular recovery by England is viewed with skeptisism but the facts are there. Four players are accused, one man has been arrested and Pakistani cricket takes another one to the midrift. They are now a country that must play their home games in other nations and must endure scrutiny for every loss. How long can the ICC continue to sanction them?