Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Best loss possible

Thank God that's over!

The most pointless of all international cricket events is over for Australia. Now the boys can concentrate on real cricket rather than wasting time and energy on an exercise in futility. I love Pakistan's captain, Younis, who has said before their 'do or die' game against giant killers, the Netherregions, that if Pakistan went out it's no big deal as 20/20 is just fun cricket: not real international cricket. Good on you mate.

Congrats to Sri Lanka who deserve some silverware in light of recent events. Sangakkara will be a superb captain for them and hopefully will oversee some better test results too.

You are a joke, England. But then so is 20/20 so maybe you were just having a laugh.

Can someone confirm that SBS has the rights to the Ashes telecast? I haven't heard or read this other than a mate telling me.