Thursday, 26 September 2013

It's Been a While

Hello cricket fans. It certainly has been a while since I visited this site, much less posted on it. For those that know it has not been an ideal year for Nospmas. I was barely interested in my beloved Magpies having only wathed a handful of games, and even then with only a fraction of my usual vigour. I can honestly, and sadly say I watched barely any of the recent Ashes series in Notubland.

 With so many other things invading my thoughts I found it hard to be invested. From all reports there were plenty of things to like about Australia's performances, but plenty to make you nauseated also. Ashton Agar's effort from number eleven being the highlight of the whole series.What a joke that test would have been without his heroics. Something tells me he won't be batting in McGrath's spot ever again.

 And so friends, as I turn a huge corner in my emotional developement I look forward with some hope, both personally and sportingly. I can sense good things on the horizon. A test victory in Brisbane and plenty of runs for a young player in the Australian side. I won't go so far as to say we will win the series. I find it hard to mount a case for anything but rained out draws in both Adelaide and Sydney.

Perth could be the spirit level for the whole series. I am tipping either an easy victory for the baggy green, or a close loss. So I move to my prediction for the series.

 England 2-1. Top run scorer - Alastair Cook (Eng) Usman Khawaja (Aus)

Top wicket taker - Anderson (Eng) Siddle (Aus)