Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tickets please

Should we be thinking of buying tickets for Day 2 & 3 in Adelaide?

I heard it could be sold out?



  1. Leftriteout in association with Henley Beach tourism is pleased to welcome Down the Wicket members with both accommodation and accompanying tickets to the Adelaide test. For once the host was semi-organised and arranged general admission tickets for DTW customers and friends for the Sunday with seats in the Chappell Stand arranged for the Sat. Unfortunately a lack of foresight from yours truly has resulted in said host being without a seat - but in possession of a members' pass - and so this will result in interesting arrangements for the Sat.

    Basically Nos, you guys are sorted.

    General Admission had sold out for the Sat, as did bronze passes, so I had to get gold passes which are $70 each - allocated seating - for the three of you. I was able to get gen ad for the sun which is $30. So; luxury on the Sat and the hill on the Sunday at $100 for the deuce.

    I'll get extra special steak for din dins. What beer do you guys like? Will Melbourne Bitter suffice? :)

  2. I have to say, as far as cricket fans and gentlemen all you DTW guys are hard to top. We've got Stoph who goes above and beyond to make sure we are all kilted up for the big day and Lefty who makes sure we have somewhere to sit.
    It's like a big cricket family. I can feel the love.

  3. i'm back.... after several days of internet problems!!!! who's reliant on computers!?

    the stencil cutting is coming along....slowly. names done, numbers and a few other things.
    wen't to a education supply joint the other day and got large tubes of green and gold face paint.

    any beer is god (typo- must be Freudian! *good) Lefty. i don't eat meat so i'll pass ont he steak, i'm happy with eating any accompaniment so don't stress or do anything special for me please.

    the love is giving me a slight rigidity!
    haven't been to the city of churches/Light in about 26 years so am WAY looking forward guys.


  4. Stoph I live with a chef who will not tolerate a vego being reduced to eating side dishes. Respect to your avoidance of eating animal (you're not vegan and therefore only wear canvass shoes? If so that's cool but I better hide my buck trophy heads and stuffed squirrels) - we'll sort you out bro.

    I know Sledgie doesn't mind a few Boags Draught too so consensus is supporting Tasmania's finest.

    9 days to go!

    $5 says Clarke doesn't play Thurs (and in my view clearly shouldn't)

  5. I have already taken Clarke out of my 1's team on Dream Team.
    So you don't eat meat Stoph but you don't mind in in other areas? Odd indeed.
    I predict a bit of a weight gain for me on this trip. I certainly won't be offending a chef by knocking back any of his offerings.

  6. not a vegan- too much a cheese addict! (and i have leather sporrans too!)

    am holding back on my teams until deaths knock- though i heard Bolly was 12th man and will be relieved to NSW if wanted- peculiar?

    there are other ways of getting my iron and protein Nos (;-) ;-) )

  7. With Tony around (not just a chef but owner/head chef of Rigoni's, winner of this years national restaurant awards for best breakfast restaurant!) I am predicting weight gain all round...Boags Draught fine with me as well.
    News on SEN was saying that both Steve Smith, Kawargarse and Bollinger were released back to NSW seems strange as that leaves us without a 12th man...
    what time on Friday are we leaving chaps? Nospmas do you need a GPS (guessing your new rig will have one but I do if you dont.
    Also, when are we going back? Sunday night? Monday?
    Having made the pilgrimage once, I would think it prudent if we drove back on the Monday as even if we take it easy on the Sunday we will be in the Sun and stuffed by Stumps, not a great recipe for a drive home safety wise...your thoughts boys?

  8. Strongly recommend the extra night's sleep lads. Gen Ad on Sunday=whole day in sun. Even if we all take it 'easy' both days re refreshments you can almost guarantee Adel will turn up the heat for the test. If at all possible I'd stay Sun night and do an early exit from the city of churches if need be.
    I'll even cook you bacon and eggs Mon morning (well tofu-bacon for Stoph)

  9. i didn't realise you lived with Tony Lefty...tops!

    i can maybe wrangle the monday- but MUST be home by 2:30pm...but i hadn't checked at work yet.
    but for fakecon... anything might be possible.

  10. That means an early start maybe 6 thirt or 7 but should be doable....Nospmas?

  11. I can pretty much do what I want. As long as the missus lets me.
    Are you boys coming to my place or am I picking you up? Either is fine by me but if I pick you up I will at least expect a reach-a-round in return.
    What time do you knock off guys?
    I think leaving Monday early is the better choice so we can fully enjoy Sunday's play without the thought of driving home.

  12. Actually Simon, my new car doesn't have a GPS but my phone does.

  13. Cool, I will throw my GPS in my sporon just in case!
    Happy to give a reach around as I can then leave my ute in the driveway if that is ok? Happy to leave as early as you boys can will just work my dinger off mon - thurs.!

  14. I have organised Friday and Monday off so I am ready to go as soon as The Stoph.
    We might even get in a session in Radeliade when we arrive.
    Road Trip!!