Sunday, 3 November 2013

Yesssssssssssssss welcome back

Well the deciders have given us 3 back-to-back shield games prior to the first test in Brisbane with Aus A playing while ODI specialists toil in a pointless and context-less series in India. Following a domestic one-day tournament played exclusively in NSW we are finally playing long form cricket and have a batsman putting his name up for test selection. George Bailey? No, although the whispers have put his name at number 6 and deservedly so. With questions around cry-for-me Watson, Bailey may find himself in regardless. A fellow Tasmanian by the name of I-can-Doolan has started the shield season as he finished the last - in form. All eyes are on Khawaja after a great Ryobi cup to see if he can make some harder runs; Warner probably only needs one ton for NSW to grab a spot and Rogers has got off to a great start too. Smith should be a shoe-in. Cowan needs a miracle and Hughes, well, he's Hughes. So,


To me there's 3 spots up for grabs if Watson pulls up Watson. The batters have been covered so we turn to the last quick's spot. Clearly selectors are keen to see how our man MJ goes in the last 2 shield games before Brisbane. With most other quicks who have played for the test team previously (excluding Copeland) out injured there's one bloke who could not be doing much more to prove he's got fitter, faster and is bowling like a demon. That's right folks, the Rug is back. Dougie 'Champers' Bollinger bowled like a man possessed in the Ryobi cup and got a bag in the recent shield game. The man looks ready for 25 overs so if he keeps the form going; and if MJ bowls 2009 Ashes tripe, I reckon he's a smoky for the third spot.

There's some quiet but constant pushing of the worth of the Aussies; Eng won't have forgotten how poorly they themselves played to win the Ashes (3 nil if you remember). While there's not much to be bullish about it's hard to see Aus getting trounced again. Like Nospmas I can't see Aus playing enough good cricket to get up but I'm predicting a 2 each result.