Friday, 3 April 2009

Wake me up, before we go go (to England)

The summer of to-and-fro with RSA continues today with the start of the ODI matches... and the media can't help trying to put some significance on the competition by bashing out that hoary old chestnut of rankings. What a yawn!

Sure hype, national pride and a sense of prominence sells papers (allegedly!)- but if the RSA crowds were so apathetic toward the test series, is the level of competition that we have seen over the summer enough to build interest in the results anyway? Correct me if you feel different, but does this ODI series just feel like a hump to climb over before we get back to business with the Ashes? Does anyone give a rodents rectum about the outcome?

On a more positive note, it is good to see a platform of new (ish) players on the squad list presented for the match.
Ben Laughlin, Brett Geeves may not get a run but at least they are being considered. Callum Ferguson and Marcus North are on the list and likely. And Nathan Hauritz has a chance to show that while he isn't a big wicket taker, if people can't score runs off him- and they generally don't- he gives the blokes at the other end the chance to work through the card; an ideal ODI spinner!

If there is any doubt with nagging injuries of the senior players i'd like to see a list of younger blokes go out and have a dip. Given it is only ODI and the RSA crowds have oddly made no effort to support the tour this season, why should we worry about their entertainment?