Friday, 25 November 2011

Let the games begin

What a big few weeks for Australian cricket!

The 2nd RSA Test showed that we have some ticker and that the 1st Test was an aberration with the result heavily influenced by conditions; not to say that some critical analysis isn't called for when we get routed, but it is fair to assume that 3 innings played in a sauna will be negated by 1 innings played in primo conditions!

As i've said in other posts i was delighted that Cummins had a run, more so that he took his opportunity and capitalised on it. Noted from other posts too is the sad reality that those who played with ? marks over their head have made selectors jobs harder and will ultimately damage the big picture with their just adequate performances. Except maybe Jono- he can not be in the squad to make 80 odd runs with the bat, particularly if his conversion rate is the occasional wicket for a trade off of more runs than he scores.

Neil Harvey has said what everyone knows to be true and called him the most over rated fast bowler around:

and called for Ponting to call it it stumps. Is he too old to become a selector?

And what of the appointment of Mickey Arthur? What do you esteemed cricket connoisseurs think of that? We (Australia) have been the last bastion of home grown coaches for so long, what of this change? Does anyone care? Does it make any difference in an age of professional sportspeople? Has Arthur had enough success to merit his appointment?
So many questions!

As we enter the Austral summer with so many changes implemented since the last- a few still needed- Let the games begin!