Thursday, 20 December 2012

B day D day

Wednesday 26 DecemberSummary Min 13 Max 22 Partly cloudy. Melbourne areaPartly cloudy. Winds southerly

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Hughes Protection

Can someone please explain to me why if, as stated by the national selectors, he was ready for a call up based on solid shield form, he was not ready for South Africa? For me Rob Quiney was the unfortunate victim of a protection plan for Hughes to work his way back to a regular spot in the side, whilst in the side batting against substandard bowlers.

 What changed between the two series for Quiney not to be given another chance? Is that the only chance you give a Victorian thrown in at number three when the best batsmen in the world at the moment refuses to promote himself up the order?

 Now Quiney is no doubt set for another year at least on the sidelines watching Hughes plunder junk runs against crap sides and then ultimately getting worked out again in England and at home next year.

Hughes' second innings dismissal told me he still hasn't put away the bad offside shots even though he has added a bit to his repertoire.I guess it doesn't matter if he wears a red cap now, he will always be a NSW boy and get opportunities and selection as a result.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

day 5

Big day today, this is Test cricket!

110 runs per session- doable.
8 wickets required- doable.
One of the games best at the crease, dropped anchor, but always a potential match winner.
5 wickets to the SL spinner, so last days track should provide something  for Lyon...maybe?

and what about a Clarke replacement for Boxing day? Haddin! WTF!