Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Spin trouble

As we watch the T20 World Cup unfold it becomes blatantly obvious that spin bowling is the main tool used to keep the scoring down and also take regular wickets. No surprise that Australia crashed out so sensationally. What really stands out like the proverbial canine testicles is the amount of chuckers there are now in the game and lets face it I can name five at least in the T20 format. Botha and Murali I am looking at you, but not only you. I think it is time for Australia to bite the bullet and accept that like it or not chucking is now acceptable for a spinner and we need to be looking at nurturing these kinds of bowlers rather than ridicule them at junior level until they are forced to play indoor cricket.
Greg Chappell is starting an initiative along with some prominent spin identities in Australia to develop the craft and I believe they need to be looking at the bowlers with suspect actions that may just turn it a bit. Warne was a freak and it has been demonstrated by Murali that a mere man must throw the ball to take as many or more wickets than the SMS'ing, womanising, bookie aiding drug cheat.