Saturday, 30 October 2010

Selectors select to eject...

So, Chapelli is in as a full time selector and there isn't room for 5 so someone had to go.....
Hilditch is the boss so he is safe that leaves Merv, Cox and Boon.
Why oh why would you remove Merv Hughes...He is the only Bowler in the group, has paid his dues (rising from selecting for Footscray 2's then the 1st's then the Vic's. then 5 and a half years in the Aussie team.
Not taking anything away from Boon or Cox (although I will as Cox {correct me if I am wrong} never pulled on the Baggy Green) who have been incumbents for a while have at the very least shown a little faith in the team.
Hilditch should have been the one to have been retired....even if he stayed for the last six months of his contract, he is the obvious choice out of the 4 to have been given his marching orders.
To not have a Test Bowler in the ranks of the selection crew is a travesty.
'Nuff Said.

Outside Sledge

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

guess the boxing day crowd

given the last Ashes Boxing day test had the record crowd of 89,155- as well as Warne likely to get his 700th wicket and last home test. who wants a crack at this years crowd figure.

i'll have a dip at 83,985
but hopefully more!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

you have been informed! ...and, getting closer!


you know what that means?

2 months today until boxing day!

...and only 1 month to go until the first test!

so with that in mind i thought i should move away from high fashion and get back onto this blogs actual subject; CRICKET.

smarmy bastard Jimbo Anderson is reportedly 75% fit and bowling again after being beaten around the ring in the now not-so-secret training camp in Bavaria.
Sustaining a cracked rip in a boxing session, Anderson is still completely in the mix for the first test stated African Andy#1 (Flower). If the recovery process takes longer than expected, i would imagine that the undisclosed perp (Chris Tremlett) may not get a look in until his extra height and bounce is required in Perth. This by way of having his wrist slapped for what is clearly a bad judgement call for hitting Jimbo in the body when the obvious target is his smirky bonce!

African Andy#1 has also seen the need to side step KP's PP performance back at home (SA) in what was meant to be his get-back-to-form trip playing for Kwazulu Natal Dolphins. In 2 knocks KP made 36 in the first and in the second, only required the scorer to put a dot and then a 0.
Now i'm not going to join the queue of people saying KP is D.O.A- i like his exciting style, but if he fails to find form it is a BIG psych advantage given how well he played over here last time.

Pistol Pete hey-diddle-diddle is pushing hard for a test recall after banging up his back in January.
He has steadily increased his work load with the Bushrangers and is now lined up for the Sri Lankan short form games. For mine, it is also good to see Haddin back in this squad, one made up entirely of Vic's and NSW players... not a little retrograde ACB?... i mean CA.

The Redbacks must be wincing a bit at the moment with Cosgrove getting his considerable weight behind his good eye and belting 159 for Tasmania against Victoria. Called a chronic boombar last year and asked to leave Sth Oz, Cosgrove's innings has kept the Tigers in the mix against a Bushrangers side that appears well on the way to continuing last seasons successes.

Australia's batting Lazarus Matt Haydos Hayden has come out publicly saying he sees a lot of himself in Phil Hughes. Fair point, but for mine the only way Hughes can cement his place back in the side is to show that he has the technique and mental edge this summer against the Poms. Found suss against the mind games more than the lifting balls last time in Blighty, Hughes must dominate the touring quicks on tracks that he should be familiar with, but will also allow the ball to get big on him more if the England bowler continue on with their theory.

Pup is adamant he is up to the challenge of a full dance card for the summer and that is the best way for him to get back in the runs. So who should we blame if his back goes again? Or should Cosgrove get Pups spot if that situation arises?

you have been informed.
stoph verismo
down the wicket