Sunday, 25 January 2009

cricket trivia- #1 formative years

Obviously i can't tell if you have just googled for answers, but i though it might be fun to see how much everyone knows about the formative years of cricket.

I hope you find this quiz challenging and interesting.

Could answers be emailed to to give others a chance without seeing your results in a posting; please still post comments so i can get peoples opinions on the merits/interest/value of this.

good luck
stoph verismo

1) What came 1st, the ACC (precursor to ACB/CA), or Federation of the states?
And by how many years?

2)From where was the soil for the pitches acquired for the QLD Cricket Associations Bowen Bridge Ground (QLDCA's ground before the 'Gabba)?

3)How long after the 1st Test were the Ashes created?

4)How did the Sheffield Sheild get its name?

5)How many ball overs were bowled in the 1st Test? When did it change?

6)What was unique about W.Midwinters Test career?