Friday, 6 February 2009

A DOG fight!

What is going on with team plans at the moment? I'm all for increased experiences of younger players, but leaving Ponting out of this ODI game is just stupid!

If Ponting isn't injured, and is resistant to being rested for this crucial game against NZ, why risk increasing pressure by leaving him out and potentially losing to the Kiwis?

Sure Punter has a "full dance card" for the upcoming months- on top of the summer gone- but this is his business; his job is to play cricket! The time to take something from this summer is now: book-ending the Australian season with defeats of New Zealand is now the only way to generate real self confidence within the side. A side that is at present playing without confidence.

Secondly, how suspect was it that the pup/cat fight from the end of the 3rd test didn't come to light until the eve of Pup taking the lead in a crucial ODI. What is going on there? Teams have these moments, why did it come to light now? Something is suss! The two involved seem happy, why did anyone else need to become involved?

Clarke dealt well with the toss interview- i like the way he acknowledges their (Lara and himself) celebrity status, yet has a wonderfully Aussie way of keeping it in perspective- but the nature of the media is to try and bring exceptional people down to the level of the mob-mental-ity. Clarke proved too good for this and left the 9 commentators obviously on-side.
Lets hope he can do the same with the side too!

stoph verismo

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

all the good things

A slack performance from yours-truly given how much cricket has been in the news this week.

What will we look at:
Andrew "Roy" Symonds
Selection for SA tour (and the Ashes)
The AB medal

All here that are not fans of Roy should be jumping for joy; the whip has finally come down!
What was that for again? Because he had an opinion on McCullum. I don't think what he said about McCullum was right- the man was only trying to capitalise on his chosen career path- but does having a CA contract mean you can't have an opinion? Is it because Symonds was harsh in his remarks, or in the "condition" he may have been in during the radio interview. Either way, it showed poor judgement by Symonds to allow himself to once again step into the CA crosshairs: potentially fatally for his international career.

So now he can't go to RSA because he is 'dealing with his alcohol and anger management issues' and all and sundry have voiced an opinion on that; i suppose once your CA contract has expired -S.Waugh- you can remark in any way about anyone!
At least Roy will feel that while Ponting is still captain, all is not lost; although the reality of getting back in favour after poor form and 2 disciplinary actions of late would imply CA might take this chance to totally blackball him. Time will tell.

The RSA team should be up by the time you read this- if not, does anyone think Krajza will get another away tour? Will any specialised spinner? Or does it really not matter as we are going to get properly pumped on the Proteas home tracks? Surely someone needs some test time before the Ashes, you'd think we'd certainly take some one to blighty! Also, what about having both Hilfenhaus and Bollinger, they can swing the ball and we know the potential for that over there.

I didn't watch the AB medal (something about award countdowns that is just too tranquilising!), but i did find the result interesting. Bracken was an easy pick; so was Klinger for state player (what does he have to do now to get a run in the ones?), same goes for P.Hughes for young cricketer. Clarke for mine has so regularly saved the test side from embarrassment it is good to see him get the test player and the AB medal, as for Ponting... well, i'm just not sold on that one yet; the votes are there, but... oh well, I'll let him have this one without ripping strips!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

12 sentences, 7 questions!

I had previously asked if Aus were still No 1 in ODI cricket; it seems that answer too has been given by this SA side.

I know i really should have posted in regard to the match and then series loses last week, but really, what was the point!
Given that the initial 3 ODI games were interesting and came down to the final overs, the massive capitulation in the last 2 games by Australia spoke for its self and needed no comment by me! So now, what is left to make and do with the summer?

NZ are a far more competitive side in this format than test, so what should the brains trusts of CA/selectors and Ponting be focusing on to get the most out of this series?

Should they attempt to stabilise the team?
Should they try new combinations?
Should they try new players?
Should they play for a demolition job to try and rebuild moral?

I called for a true rebuilding of the side after the Indian result, citing that a 2 test series was nothing more than a warm up for SA and held no value within its self. As we know, that didn't happen and the selectors chose the "steady as she goes, get yourself back into form" approach for many of the team, and when that clearly didn't work had to scramble for some wholesale change when it was too late.

What should be done now?

stoph verismo