Friday, 22 October 2010

once in a lifetime offer! ...or at least, this Ashes tour!

hi guys,
the stencils for the T-shirts are slowly taking form...what a task!
i have the t-s, sorry but the only mens ones i could get are like Sledgey's and my very pale yellow ones.

we all should look rather cool on that front...thanks for your contributions of copy

Now, the reason for this post; as you know, i will be honoring my scot/irish heritage this year at boxing day (and Adelaide) by wearing my T with a kilt.... looks so cool BTW, just wore it to main street and if i was single...

so the Q is, on monday i will be ordering another (spare- non clan) kilt from Scotland for myself, and a Welsh one for Blacky (Mr I'm soooo hungover lasts year), does anyone else want one? i have an account with this company and they are good, but if you want one you need to act now. a "Blackwatch" (military-non clan, party kilt) will cost you 25 pounds, the cheapest sporran is around !7 ponds, and you could use any belt you had...or buy at the store.

the place i'll be going is so if you see something you like, let me know, asap. ordeering on monday to ensure delivery, so you have the weekend.

i have created a soft toy kangaroo in the front undies to wear under mine at the cricket, so if you want to do it and see a stuffed toy (any animal) for your jocks, i will gladly tailor to suit.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

speed cricket- now choose your partner!

in a rush but:

african andy #2 (strauss) backs ponting..DER! he'd hardly ask for the rightful captains recall!

Lee wants to be thought of as still in the mix...uummm, devolution seldom pays divedends.

gayle axed as cap... can't imagine him showing too much emotion over that- footnote, Nash vc!

clarke to play every game every format in the next 6 months...check the scoreboard pup, you may not get that choice!

warne declares swann holds key to ashes... "go after him, especially in that first over where he commonly gets a wicket" yes sir!

hodge blasts b/rangers to victory... still not good enough for aus! hmphfff!

stoph back on the fitness wagon and looks set for 1st game in 2 weeks (masters!)...hasn't bowled or faced a ball in 8 months!