Friday, 13 August 2010

Your club logo and link here

hi all, look to the right and tremble in fear at the mighty Bloodhound!
as a supporter of grass roots cricket, i'd like to offer you the chance to put your club logo and link right here at the top of DTW.

send me a pic of the logo and web address and i'll put it up for all to see.

Dizzy- horse to a rhino!

what a great work horse Dizzy Gillespie was.
bowling with control, pace and guile, and towards the end of his test career a fine batsman and master of the forward defence.

it is therefore fitting that someone with his dual abilities pass on their skills, with the big Redback off to Zimbabwe to take up his first coaching post with the Mid-West Rhinos provincial side based at Kwekwe.

While much of the scrutiny and observation will be on Gillespie's results, to me it is more importantly a great step forward in trying to build up Zimbabwe's cricketing strength and future as the new franchise will hopefully add more to the local game.

fresh new look

hi all, as you can obviously see, i've updated the look of DTW... i hope no one minds.
the old template was problematic in a few ways: the cricinfo scoreboard would not fit that template, the colouring became tiring to read and distracting.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Swann's Rival "Ball of the Century"

I write this in response to Graeme Swann's rival "ball of the century".

Looking at the balls side by side and I believe a couple of things become obvious.

1. The movement of Swann's ball down the leg side of the batsman is purely from the angle his arm would naturally push the ball upon release. Warne's ball is bowled from the inside arm that would naturally push the ball either straight, or towards the off side. The movement down leg is created by very pronounced, and very late drift due to the heavy rotations on the ball.

2. Swann's turn seems to look like more of a deviation than actual spin due to the already quicker nature of his action. Surely a ball that had spun on it's own merits would produce similar drift as Warne's ball. I suggest that Swann's ball hit a crack or protrusion to create the movement. Warne's on the other hand would have spun on ice as indicated by the drift.

Apart from that Warne's ball was his first in tests on English soil and cultivated a deep seated fear of first his bowling and then Australian for decades to come.

Me thinks this only spin from English media to hype the upcoming series.