Sunday, 4 January 2009

Day two today.

Good day of cricket.

Johnson now at 8 looks like an all-rounder with defence and a swag of shots; might need to move up to 6!

The future captain once again saved the day... no wonder he earns more than Ponting in match fees and endorsements! Congrats Pup.

Smith gone with a hand (thanks Mitch) but really he will only miss 3 days of cricket given he was to rest his wonky elbow.

Siddle the only wicket so far with Amla and Kallis out to play a knock.

Not for the first time this series has it been unclear at stumps on days 1,2 or 3 what the result could be... intriguing test cricket.

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  1. When does the SA tour start? Just thinking about whether Smith will be alright by then. I wonder whether McKenzie will keep his spot - my god he looks awful (is vice captain though........). You have to give it to the saffers - they look very polished with the bat. Obviously concerns for them with bowling lower order batsmen out but our blokes look pretty alright with the bat. The key for us is to not let their batsmen get on top for any period of time - if they're anywhere near our total I think it will be a struggle to get a result. Will be interesting to see how the pitch lasts - definitely will be played on on the 5th day. I'd actually back Duminy to get some more overs - beautiful flight, got drift - Harris could learn from him!

  2. 1st Test starts on the 26th of February at Johannesburg. So Smith could get back in time.
    I reckon the two teams are really evenly matched, the difference being their bowling outfit complements each other better.
    Ronald has bowled well today especially for someone sending them down under 130kph (especially for a fanta pants too).
    Johnson is more of an all rounder than Symonds is.
    Our future captain has been our player of the series for mine and hopefully will captain well at some stage in the future. I don't think giving him the captaincy yet would be a good idea (we are relying on his batting too much at the moment to risk it).
    After the Ashes maybe?

  3. Really I think Ponting looks like he listens a fair bit to Clarke especially and his bowlers and senior team mates (that probably means everyone!). Therefore I wonder whether the lack of attack in field placements is really entirely down to Ponting or not. His choice of bowlers certanily is but it's worth noting that while so many people have claimed Johnson should have been bowled earlier at various times - he bowled 100 overs in two tests! This is the problem with a lack of depth; especially a great spinner who can bowl 15 or more overs on the trot. I reckon the attack in this test looks more balanced than it has in a long time. Amla shouldn't have been out but good on Ginge all the same.

    People have been so quick to criticise Aus that they ignore sessions of brilliance like the first two hours of yesterday and today. After the success we've had since '89 in England anything less would always look average. Let's keep things in perspective here!

    Regarding captaincy - the one criticism I have of Ponting is that he doesn't seem to go for the throat when perhaps he should. This takes some belief and faith in your bowlers to deliver so perhaps he hasn't had that.

  4. 26th of February? The footy will be back by then.....GO HAWKERS!

  5. does "footy" really have super goals?

  6. McKenzie Is the weakest link in an otherwise terrific side... why isn't Kallis captain? Agreed with not letting their batsmen on top for any period Leftriteout, look what happened this arvo... luckily Siddle lifted!

    Ponsford i think this current combination of Aus bowlers might compliment each other better... still the missing link is a strike spinner.

    i'm not sure when a good time would be to pass on the captaincy to Clarke (personally the sooner the better, but...) who can see Ponting stepping down though? I like Ponsfords suggestion of captains seeing out the end of the term "untethered" from the job- especially a batter of Pontings ability.

    Leftriteout, my big gripe with Pontings field placements is as you've added later, he doesn't 'go for the throat'! And he certainly isn't creative! He has a text book on field positions and he will NOT sway from it.
    case to point: his arvo with Hauritz bowling to Harris, it was clear something like a leg slip was going to stop Harris turning the offie off his hip, the man in close was there for the pop up, but in my wisdom i said to my grommet that a leg slip would be a catcher as well as a run restricter; next ball - as predicted- turned off the hip and down what would be leg slips throat! God i'm good and no wonder i should be a selector!

    so in closing, ME GOOD, PONTING no clue with field!

  7. Footy does have super goals during the NAB cup, if a goal is kicked from out side the 50, then they give you 9 points.

    What you should be commentating on is that disgrace of a Sydney pitch. It looks like California with al the cracks! You loose the toss, you loose the test. This test will not be a good judge of how Australia really is going.

    Your are right we need a good spinner. Hauritz is a pie chucker, he is meek a mild. He is just playing for the OD side.

  8. but unlike California, there is little chance Sydney will fall into one of those cracks!

    it is a fault line, that's for sure! The question is: is it better because at least it has some character and is different to all the "mass produced" drop ins?
    ...or as you have stated, it is an abomination due to unbalanced nature of its play?

    it is going to at least play 5 days! CA must be happy that all 3 SA tests have achieved that.

    Hauritz is a repressive bowler better in ODI format... he is also unbelievably unlucky with his jumping bail trick!

    ps. I'll proof read you for 20c a word. :-)