Saturday, 10 January 2009

Henry on Alfie on Unit

Interesting to hear J.Langer on Grandstand today (sat 10/01/09).
It was commendable to hear how much support he has for his "great mate" M.Hayden. Unfortunately his support clearly blurred his common sense!

Langer voiced that Hayden should be able to leave the test arena on his own terms; and that his batting did its job in the SCG test. Also, that dropping Hayden from the T20 and ODI sides was premature and that Langer was disappointed with the selectors choice. Of interest was G.Lawson later in the show contradict these points stated by Langer!

It has been said that I'm 'after' Hayden, and not respecting his contribution to Australian cricket (not in this forum- elsewhere), this is clearly not true given he opens in my greatest Australian side. I certainly don't feel like I'm targeting him for any other reason other than his failures and inability to move on them; i have the utmost respect for this many fine innings and brilliant fielding (and leading) in the past... and that is my point; his best is obviously behind him.

I think after mounting pressure, much of it aimed directly at the selectors, the right choice has been made and Hayden can now try and regain some form in the longer game for QLD. If he fails there, then there is no reason or excuses for taking him to Blighty!

As Lawson said, "you are judged on runs and wickets."

stoph verismo


  1. Hayden who? What about Warne(r)!! I can't believe he has not played any 1st class cricket until tonight....there is hope for you Verismo!

  2. no hope for me... i didn't watch!
    what a numpty!

    when do you want that hit-out in the nets?

  3. probably Tuesday or Wednesday . i'll call u 2morrow

  4. If Lawson said "you are judged on runs and wickets" could someone ask him to tell that to the selectors.

    Net session?

  5. Ponsford, get a confirmation from Gab...I'm always good, but you knew that!

  6. Bit hot for this big sook, how bout Thurs after work Gab?