Friday, 2 January 2009

Trials, not tribulations!

Here we go...
It's not do or die; that's done and dusted!
This is about pride; about avoiding the whitewash; about starting off the new year with self respect.
Last SCG test is still a sour tasting memory for many; I'll take the win, but it was pretty grotty!
With no series on the line and a few fresh faces, we really have nothing to lose.

So the questions are:
Apart from the obvious inclusion, have the selectors got it right in the replacements for the injured? Sure there maybe players that might have been better picks, but is this a good start?

Does this test really mean anything to you/the rest of the Australian cricketing public/ the world opinion of Australia's cricketing position, now that the series is decided?

Will Hayden get dropped if he scores around or under his 22.35 average (since returning from India)?

What about Bollinger over Hilfenhaus? I know if i was a new fast bowler that can swing old and new balls, i'd be looking to extract some revenge for my nation! Not that the SA bowlers bowled in a fashion unsportsmanlike. Johnson spoke of "chin music" at the start of the series, but no one has got the short ones up underneath enough to be threatening (Siddle did get a beauty into Amla hands last match- not that that put him off too much!).

What about McDonald? Can another Vic add something or does it just reek of Victorian nepotism at the selection level?

Will there be any pressure on Ponting should we lose by an Innings?

As an Aussie cricket fan, this will certainly be an interesting dead rubber. And fodder for this site should it all go very ugly!

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stoph verismo


  1. Ponting gone for a duck!

    You are not suited to the task at hand Ricky... hand in the cap and concentrate on the bat!

    stoph verismo

  2. This is the Richmond supporter coming out in you Verisomo, kick em while their down, eat their young. How about this - it was awesome while it lasted, but now we are going to get shellacked every now and then while we find out which player is test cricket material. I don't remember any Australian team with such inexperience being world beaters out of the box. Lets accept this team for what they are.

    "Oh were from Tigerland....."

  3. Agreed Gab, "Eat 'em Alive" Stoph... Ponting got a peach first ball...again.
    I am not altogether sure that the weight of captaincy had much to do with the inside edge that he got (although I am coming around to the school of thought that the last 2 years of a captains career he should be "unfettered" to help the transition to the new)
    Absolutely correct Gab, We are going to lose the odd test match for the next little while, good thing I say as it will make better players of the guys filling the void, they might even learn a little stoicism!

  4. is that in response to my comment above about Ponting? if so, the only thing Tasmanian i like to eat is apples! (to many craniums to crunch through!)

    My post "T not Trib" was really just asking about your thoughts in regard to selections/expectations of the Sydney test- would you like to answer them please?

    i do accept this team for what it is: a captain who is a fantastic (but inconsistent of late) batter, but with no tactical nous.

    one in-form opener, one past his prime AND out of form who has been given too many chances!

    a VC who is more often than not holding the innings together with the bat- even though some people say he is too slow/boring whatever!

    a brilliant and out-of-form middle order batsman.

    a keeper-batsman that has answered my criticisms by adding valuable runs consistently without changing his style too much. (still needs to tighten up a bit with the gloves on)

    one strike bowler that despite his lack of ability to swing has been successful but needs to diversify or he will be too predictable- good work ethic though.

    no comments on the rest of them as they are in there doing what i've asked for this whole time- being blooded as new talent!

    i think my many comments about giving young players a chance and disregarding the "dead-wood" show that i do not expect results out of the box! and it is clear that i though this would be best done in less pressured situations: NZ series, dead rubbers, etc. instead, CA selectors have used these chances to try and get players back into form, instead of purposeful restructure. we keep hearing from CA/media/whoever that we are in a rebuilding stage, but all the do is replace either one new player in a position for another, or replace an injured player; form seems irrelevant!

    so yes, it was awesome while it lasted- why i said to anyone that was complaining of our amazing wins as boring that it won't last, and that i remembered the bad times.
    what is unacceptable is that we get shellacked, and we don't take anything from it!

    here endeth the lesson.

    stoph verismo

  5. how's bollinger's matt? best one in world cricket? Surely it beats Brent Guerra's effort, yeah yeah.

  6. they don't call him "Doug the rug" for nothing!

    you should get one bloke!

  7. too late for me....rather spend it on a shlong extension or a holiday away from kids.

  8. Ponting always starts out his innings with his bat so far in front of his pad - after making 101 and 99 you'd think he'd let the ball come to him a bit more - rather than push at it hard first ball. I thought he might hit Tuna Mornay with his bat!

    If McDonald learns how to put on a helmet properly I reckon he'll be ok. Looks handy with the ball too - stock medium pacer; needs to be very accurate. How good is Michael Clarke? I love this bloke, he'll take whatever the runs record is by the time he retires - even with more cricket I think he'll do it in fewer tests than anyone else.

    Hayden - you're a douche! What the hell was that shot?

    Good signs from Bollinger; he will need to get alot of movement though - especially if he sprays a few around and gives too many run balls to Kallis, Amla and Duminy.

    Great test for our bowling attack - if SA is batting at the end of today (day 3) then I'm worried about touring there.