Monday, 5 January 2009


just started knocking in/oiling my new bat.
new pads and gloves... not related to DTW, but ooooohhhh.
off to the nets in a few days .


  1. Oiling & knocking in a bat? What century are we in Dr. Grace? I thought all new bats were purchased pre-knocked in with a protective skin so you don't need to oil?

    What did you get anyway a Rapier? Buffalo Sport? You would have got a Kooka cause you love Ponting and Hadin, right?

    BTW I am jealous, i miss playing cricket.....ah to get away for a Saturday arvo (sigh)

  2. Ooh Stoph, be kind to her because if you don't she'll dry up and crack quicker than the SCG pitch. My gray nicks has had a cover put on (due to piss-poor knocking-in), then taken off but has 3/4 of her with tape wrapped around. I was impatient. I still love her.

  3. It is Puma- Prestige 3000 Gilchrist sig model, i got for $99 as it is last years model and has a mark on the blade due to a price sticker... such thick edges, such curvature of the blade, oooooh orange!

    it is pre prepared Gab, with a skin, but according to instructions it still needs a few coats of oil and a short knock in; but Leftriteout, given i am such a powerhouse batsman (read-no delicate shots!) i'll be taking it pretty easy! still the hard part is finding exposed wood to get the oil into.. so many fast stickers!

    Gab are you on leave? do you want an hour in the nets some time soon?

  4. Nets? I will add it to my list...Might get a hit after work next week though

  5. sweet.
    nets coz we are too old to chase anything... unless it is back to the mark!

    let mr know what is good for you.

    Ponsford, want to go for a drive?

  6. If you bowl your usual pies I will be on driving, off driving, cover driving...
    Looking after the sprog tonight, next week sometime? I have holidays at end of Jan too (when summer finally hits).
    Is there really only 1 1/2 days of cricket left this summer???

  7. mmmmmmmmm driving pies aaaaaaargghhhhhhh

  8. i gave you that Ponsford -coz i feel sorry for you, coz you know as well as i do that when i bowl you will "turned on", looking off and running for cover!

    on my way home from Sth land (getting a knock in mallet as doing the edges with a ball is giving me RSI!) i stopped at the nets to roll down a new nut i'd also bought; one bloke was early for training and so i bowled a few over into the wind to him. needless to say that he asked me play for Mordi again as did the other blokes that turned up! ripping big leggies with the new nut, had him with a legbreak, he played on my (normally benign!) wrongun, and he only belted 1 ball. modesty forbids me to say i was great, but...

    ROFL "driving pies!"

  9. you better play for stroudy's over 35s hack side next year Verismo, cause the way your talking you're ready for test selection.

    See you in the nets.

  10. just got back from cracking a few to see how my knock in is going... bowled a few too; back to pies!

    still thinking about ol' man cricket for next year... if i can afford a seasons supply of anti-inflammatory pills!

    mmm big middle!