Wednesday, 7 January 2009

a result is on

I'll take it that the lack of posts this morning is because everyone is glued to their radio/tv.
Australia are providing the goods; McDonald's catch, a blinder- more to come about the sportsmanship from this incident.

Pontings bowling choices and aggressive field placements are supporting his declaration. And what of the declaration? As per my previous post, i thought more runs were needed... but i like the faith Ponting has shown in this new-look line up; and the fact it should have drawn SA into the match.
The radio broadcasters dismissed an SA win and said that a Aus win most likely, a draw next most likely- but that the declaration total was good... hard not to agree now at 4 for!

Apart from the attitude of the Australian players, the other thing that stands out to me is the fielding; the shots at the stumps have been exceptional, adding to the pressure on the SA batsman.

The umpiring has been overall quite good too, and even with the odd wrong call, nothing has been a match changer. De Silva can tour again for mine.

Lets hope it goes to the last session and we win (obviously)... with more Vic wickets, right Leftriteout?


  1. At lunch saffers are 4 down, runs out of the equation so how good is Aus' attack? This is the test and if we get the wickets it should give the side great hope for the next two tours. Come on boys - roll 'em!

  2. above post by Leftriteout.

    can't agree more on, and all the bowlers are probing.

  3. when is Katich going to get a roll of the wrist?

  4. Hauritz unlucky... but bowling well; let us see an offie at one end and a leggie at the other for an over or 4

  5. poll on tv is 74% want Kat to have a bowl!

  6. I wouldn't care if Mcdonald gets the rest of the wickets! There's no chance of a south aussie getting a go in a test match due to eastern state bias so go for it ronnie.

    I've been pretty impressed with ginge in any case - if he can bat (thought he looked alright at times in the 1st dig) then he's in for a long time as far as I'm concerned. Great to have Watson and Symonds having to prove their worth; Watson may be more useful as a pace bowler but hard to see how his back will ever handle 15 plus overs. I reckon an allrounder has to bowl pace - if you have a spinner already what's the point of someone like Symonds bowling tweakers to justify an allrounder's place?

    Why Katich has hardly bowled since being back in the team is beyond me. It has to be about injury or keeping him fresh for batting; if it's the latter then Ponting/selectors must be joking. Don't mind Hauritz - without spinning it he then has to be very tight which he has been. The funny thing is I think we're working out our bowling issues fairly steadily. Choices now include; Lee (when fit), Clark (when fit), Bollinger, Hilfenhaus-saurkraut, Mcdonald, Siddle, Nannes, Harris, Johnson Hauritz, Krejza. Batting then is the issue as when Haddin or Johnson don't make runs down the order we'll be in some trouble. I reckon Hussey is ok to stay in; Hayden has to go in my mind though. The way he has got out at times has infuriated me, bad luck aside.

  7. on the radio they said Katich declined several spells! how do you say no unless you are injured?

    Hayden must have really got an extra vote when he grassed Ntini! looked like he turned (in fear!) and then realised (late!) that it was his. great first slip, but that was proof perfect of his slowing reflexes as it wasn't right to him.

    i agree with the bowling prospects, but think neither are front line bowlers; i rate Hauritz higher though as he is tight even if he doesn't turn much- would have liked to see him in India now.

    Leftriteout, i can see a place for a Sth Aus gent; Klinger shsould be in the side with all of the runs he's made... oh wait, he's a Vic! Tait- nervous wreck... ok you are right.

    stoph verismo

  8. Maybe we should get Boof back - hang on where was he from? I think between Johnson and Siddle the load of a frontline can be shared. We're not going to find another McGrath and I think Lee may be off the boil. I hope I'm wrong - he worked very hard to step up when McGrath retired but he hasn't looked good for a few series now. Perhaps it's the break up of his marriage.........

  9. i'd love Boof back... then we could have the 100mtr keg hurdle races again! i don't know who is "portly" enough to race him from SA though.