Tuesday, 6 January 2009

smells like team spirit

has anyone else notice the obvious increase in esprit de corp shown by the Aussies in this test?

clearly the players are making a greater effort to support each other: Clarke when batting with the lower order, although he always does.
everyone around the bowlers as they succeed.

it is more like the team of the past in this respect, and i think it will lift a mediocre team out of ruts if they continue with this approach.

certainly in the other 2 tests this was missing, and maybe a reason why we failed to go in for the kill when SA were on the ropes... we looked beaten when we were beating them... now- hopefully- we will drive home the advantage with self belief and internal support, not dropped shoulders!

stoph- you can tell i'm at home on leave- verismo!



  1. Hey Diddle Dille how good is Siddle? (cheers LRO)
    His energy has been a great Boon to a side that has been in the waughs, he bowls rifle straight and strikes without Warneing. Punters would suggest we would be Krezjy to drop him.....


  2. Well, they crossed the border and are taylor made for a bollinger-ing. Sitting high in their siddle with slapper husseys, prime targets for a hauritz - this means waugh!

  3. Day 5 and the fun really begins.

    At lunch saffers are 4 down, runs out of the equation so how good is Aus' attack? This is the test and if we get the wickets it should give the side great hope for the next two tours. Come on boys - roll 'em!