Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Team announcement Boxing day 2011

A couple of hours to go now befor the announcement of the Boxing day team. A few things have come to pass in the last 48 hours, most notable that Watson hammy looks unlikely to be ready, cap number 427 AND 428 look likely.

any takers on:


Cowan just keeps offering up reasons why he must be in contention; how long can he be overlooked?

26-12-11 Forecast
min 19 max 25

Melbourne area Cloudy. Areas of rain and the chance of thunderstorms during the morning. Winds northwest to southwesterly averaging up to 25 km/h becoming southwesterly up to 30 km/h during the afternoon.

Of interest was the odds at one of the larger online agencies:
Australia favourites at $2.35, India at $2.50 I trust this is just a reflection of the local punters hopes more than anything else; a draw at $4 looks ok!

Gentleman, start your engines!


  1. If the rumor mill is accurate then that does sound like the 11 but I don't like Christian as the third seamer; he is serviceable but I think 20 overs is a stretch. If Harris isn't fit then I'd take a bowler over Christian still. Considering India's strength is their batting I can't see why we'd be greedy with the batting and lack in the bowling.

    I don't have a problem with Cowan per se but there are 11 batsmen who have made more runs this season; of course none have made any in the last couple of weeks bar Cowan due to scheduling.

    With 6 days left wouldn't you name a 13?

  2. Katich should be in for Hughes. I would keep Kawhaja. Cowan for Hussey.

  3. i definately believe we are light on with that bowling line up, not that the bowlers aren't good, but it (list) is a full-timer short.

    a bloke here (my work) is crying out to have Hussey open with Warner (!) so as to be able to add another seam bowler.

    I can't come to Harris at all. we can't have hime useful for just one innings a Test only to be out for the next x amount of Tests- too brittle.

    Quiney, anybody?

  4. Hilf in the 13! Didn't see that coming at all. Have to imagine he'll replace Starc so Pattinson, Siddle, Hilf and Lyon are the bowlers. I keep feeling like selectors want Christian in as well though; Hussey can't bowl 10 overs, can he?!?

    This will be very interesting as Christian can't fit in with 3 quicks and Lyon unless a batsman is dropped. If Marsh is fit then Warner, Cowan, Marsh, Ponting and Clarke are certainties. Does Hussey get the flick? On the dead MCG pitch I reckon you need all the bowling you can get. Khawaja and Hughes have definitely got dumped so if Marsh can't pull up then everyone moves up one and Christian slots in at 6 with Hilf replacing Starc.

    Decisions, decisions..........

  5. just pipped me posting it Lefty. apparently Ponting got hit in the finger he broke last Perth test- hmmmmm, might make selection easier!

  6. Fuck the media. They got me all hard about Katich and then nothing.

  7. Did the media do that or did Katich's manager Nos? I don't recall reading anything about Katich being 'in the mix' from selectors or anybody.
    Is that true about Ponting, Stoph? Would certainly make the 11 simple; Starc and Ponting out!

  8. it was Katich's manager that started that- tacked onto Clarke saying he wouldn't rule him out a few months ago... but i love the fact you got one on the go over it Nos!

    Ponting has been hit by Patto but is obviously still in contention. I know i've called for his retention, but with an injury easy out, now is a good time to change the guard.

  9. Christian's average is better with the bat than Cowan of late- but both in their 50's, and it is an opener we need. take out Punter and does Christian fit as the all-rounder? so many permutations. Hilf has been very good of late, but...

    with this 13, i'd go:

    Cowan (has been assured by selectors)

    in hindsight- even with my reservations about Hilf, that is a pretty balanced side.

  10. You get all excited about something and then Lefty has to throw the truth in your face.
    Why don't you go and tell some toddlers that Santa isn't real...
    Although it was stuff of pure fantasy, it was nice to think the selectors would stop playing favourites (Hussey, Ponting, Haddin) and actually pick a veteran whom deserves his spot.

  11. i like what the selectors are doing of late. Blooding players, showing faith in youth, giving a fair go but also shifting people on before they are beyond stagnent. forget about what getting dropped does to your confidence, staying on when out of form totally destroys it- back to the magoos boys and get ya eye back in.

    good assertive stuff

  12. Assertive is the operative word Stoph. I like how 'action-orientated' the selectors have been.
    How many baggy greens have been given out in the last few months?!?