Thursday, 22 December 2011

how peculiar is this? The origin of page views to DTW this week.

Australia 103
Russia 50
United States 43
Germany 32
France 10
Estonia 9
Romania 9
Ukraine 9
Thailand 5
Netherlands 4

and origin for the life (so far) of DTW

Australia 5,112
United States 2,038
United Kingdom 925
Russia 923
Germany 862
Iran 511
Ukraine 395
Netherlands 394
France 381
Slovenia 338


  1. Gee the Indians have given you the swerve!

  2. United States?? Maybe their search engines have accidentally found your page on "I feel lucky"? Not cos your blog isn't awesome but the yanks don't know what cricket is.

  3. yeah, that is a strange one Lango. but then again i don't pull any punches with them on other sites so go figure. But what about the USA, Russia and Iran! maybe that is it Nos.

  4. Get on board you Russians! Next, we target Afghanistan!

  5. imagine being a Pom and being pumped by the US! lame!