Monday, 19 December 2011

Boxing Day forecast

Well gentlemen, for the 2nd year running it looks like Melbourne is going to serve up another turd weather wise on this most venerable day.

with temps predicted to be in the low to mid 20's and thunderstorms the ball could arc around all over the place... or not!

I was at the G on Saturday and a week out the pitch to be used was still greener than the tops worn by victorious Sydney Thunder.

talking of which, watching the back to back 100's from Warner in the polar opposite forms of the game it must be said he has a rare talent. Sure his Hobart knock wasn't perfect, but he kept his head and control when all those around him failed.

Watching him belt everybody to all parts on Saturday all i could think was that if he then showed in 9 days time that he could settle back into a Test cricket frame of mind, the cricket world is his oyster!

I'm not going to go into the big step back and swing shots- we know what they are and represent, but many of his orthodox shots looked like he had half an hour to play them. He just looks to have either a great ability to see it out of the hand and project the balls pitch, length, trajectory, or great self belief that he can still get his bat on it if he guesses wrong!
make up your own minds on that one.

that tat aside- 7 days to go, C'MON Huey! clean up ya act!


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  2. Warner is certainly talented. He seems a very cocky little fella but hopefully that is culled a bit by quality bowlers in time. I know Nossie doesn't think he's earned his stripes but neither has Cummins or Pattinson on the same basis. I have to give credit to selectors that they're giving promising youth a chance and reaping the rewards. They won't be consistent for a while yet but exciting times ahead no doubt.