Monday, 19 December 2011

T shirts

no luck with finding suitable T shirts on the weekend gentlemen. Sorry. I made a pest of myself all over Southland but to no avail. i meant to check out the G shop but it was getting late for the young 'uns.


  1. Let me know what colour polos we want and I will source them, and have them embroidered

  2. I like the retro ODI idea; yellow main with green stripes. The emboidery will show up well. I like the more recent green dominant shirts but don't think the writing will show up so well.

    Getting our names at the top would be awesome with the years and places we go placed where the number would be. I reckon you should be able to grab them without numbers.

    Really it's the fact we're going that's important so if it all doesn't come together with the shirts no big deal. We'll be going to Perth, Hobart or Brisbane next summer and can make sure we've got our shit together.