Friday, 23 December 2011

Bashing a way in to the Test team

ok, so i accept that i'm pretty much in a club of one here at DTW regarding T20. That is fine and a reason why i don't moderate- diversity of opinion is one of the best ways to learn new stuff that a person may not have considered before due to only seeing things from their own perspective.

I've said all along since taking NOS (number one son) to our first Big Bash game 3 seasons ago that i know it to be "junk food cricket" and it best serves a market of kids and adults with ADHA... or those that would rather any form than nothing at all.

I am though, totally on board with the suggestions that the timing of this BBL and the postponing of all (state) multi day cricket is detrimental to that which must always be considered the first priority- the Test team.

Now it seems that while the mainly print (and online print) media have been quick to point out that the crowds have been below expectation at BBL games, this has always been supplimented with the additional statment that TV audiences have been solid. I can't help but wonder what international players would feel playing in a venue as amazing as the G in front of 1,000 ground staff should it come to pass that the format ends up only serving a TV audience?

Anyway, back to the media. What i have noted has been an escalating amount of media refering to the BBL as players opportunities to find form/prove fit/get eperience to ensure a test team berth. Clarke mentioned it several weeks ago regarding Hughes finding form. But he clarified that that was the only opportunity for Hughes due to the lack of Sheild games, it was apparent he felt this to be an unsatisfactory situation.

I think 4 years ago we all would have pencilled in one M.Clarke with his bling, car, model girlfiend, hair and youthful 'i can have the world and all of its rewards' as the leading cadidate to accept a cash v career in the IPL. He has matured into a player that has upheld the value of Test and has not failed to support his stance with actions and words. While he may be considering a spell next IPL season, i am confident he would only do it after much consideration as to how it may affect his other responsibilities- and not to their detriment.

I challenge you readers, check online, papers etc -even on air- every sport section is carrying at least one reference to this disturbing occurance of refering to BBL as a Test entry point. At the moment it is in reference to Marsh and his big knock last night for the Scorchers. Warner was mentioned earlier in the week, but he had cemented his spot anyway. We all know he is going to get out now and agin due to playing big-bash type shots in Test, but if he can regularly show enough capacity to settle and carve out an innings i'll accept that.


On a completely different subject, i'd like to mention one 300kg S.K.Warne!

I think it proper that on Boxing day after meeting at the Captain, those of us going pilgrimage to gate 2 to pay homage. Although i imagine it will be busy!


  1. examples:

    (the heading of the attached video)
    (this one relates to a comeback from Kawhaja)

  2. Well written Stoph. I can at least appreciate the T20 format for what it offers, and to whom.
    What I can't abide is it hijacking our most sacred time of the year. Wrapping it around the biggest test in the world makes me sick.
    If it has to be, it should be once all the international fixtures have been played.
    What Marsh scoring 99 not out on a pool table has to do with opening the batting in a test eludes me. I see him spooning one to cover or mid wicket trying to force the issue on a dead MCG pitch.

  3. thanks mate. i hope you are wrong about Marsh, but know the format foments foul flails!