Friday, 13 August 2010

fresh new look

hi all, as you can obviously see, i've updated the look of DTW... i hope no one minds.
the old template was problematic in a few ways: the cricinfo scoreboard would not fit that template, the colouring became tiring to read and distracting.


  1. You could have updated the picture to last years test Stoph.

    Otherwise a very good improvement on an already great site.

  2. cheers mate.
    i did it at work, so i didn't have my photo file; i'll have a look when i get home for a better/new one.
    thanks to you for getting back into it.
    i've been slack due to all my other creative endevours and my family/mum things

  3. not the best shot for the header, maybe some of the "Sleeping Beauty" one's from last year?

  4. I was in good form. Huge day.

  5. So, we're back then!

    How the hell are you boys? Need to get on with work so will be brief - can't wait to wade through the posts and comments. Sadly I won't be at Boxing Day test this year......

    I watched the Pak vs Aus series and thus far the series between Pak and Eng. Amir is the next big thing in my opinion. Unlike Anderson, he doesn't need the ball to swing to be dangerous. Hopefully he doesn't go the same route as Ishant Sharma.

  6. And the site looks great Stoph - well done mate!