Friday, 13 August 2010

Your club logo and link here

hi all, look to the right and tremble in fear at the mighty Bloodhound!
as a supporter of grass roots cricket, i'd like to offer you the chance to put your club logo and link right here at the top of DTW.

send me a pic of the logo and web address and i'll put it up for all to see.


  1. Thanks Stoph - can you email me so I can get your email address?

  2. welcome back mate, sorry again about my absense,
    you could post the logo link on the site if you like and i'll fernangle it over to the side bar. or you could email:

  3. Thanks mate - no apologies necessary. After checking in for a while it was a great surprise to see a few posts up and cricket banter back. Sledgie isn't to interested in cricket when the footy's on!
    Can't wait til Brisbane - this has to be the most anticipated Ashes in Aus for a while. May not be the hype of 2005 in England (yet) but should go close.