Friday, 13 August 2010

Dizzy- horse to a rhino!

what a great work horse Dizzy Gillespie was.
bowling with control, pace and guile, and towards the end of his test career a fine batsman and master of the forward defence.

it is therefore fitting that someone with his dual abilities pass on their skills, with the big Redback off to Zimbabwe to take up his first coaching post with the Mid-West Rhinos provincial side based at Kwekwe.

While much of the scrutiny and observation will be on Gillespie's results, to me it is more importantly a great step forward in trying to build up Zimbabwe's cricketing strength and future as the new franchise will hopefully add more to the local game.

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  1. The sooner Zimbabwe return to cricket and Pakistan can play at home the better. Bangladesh really are improving I reckon. Like most developing teams their huge talent rests with few players but they're getting there. Looks good for the state of international cricket.