Friday, 18 December 2009

half way Perth

what do i see:
Bollinger under used.
McKay has not impressed me enough yet... keep at it son.
Jonno a bit on and off.
Haury- Gayles plaything.
Gayle- has he found a new love?
Haddin almost the perfect wicky/batsman
Ponting- good dec
Aussie fielding today- great.
Windies fielding a bit down on their previous tests.
Benn, get payback and bend yours, Bigbird get into his ear!

Media: shut the hell up about the lack of centuries; it isn't even relevant when EVERYONE is batting well!



    Drawn from the uppermost draw
    and spliced in uncommon sense
    every part the whole
    and the whole never in parts
    especially the last
    (the) Arse
    and comments which smell
    as sweet.

  2. 4-89... Benn gets Huss first over.
    Haury 5 fa in the 2nd?

  3. crumble and a tumble
    400 ? hmmm

  4. Juicy Test match! mmmmmmmmmmm about bloody time.

    Big Benn, your a big girls blouse.

  5. Go Suli - hardly any spinners have ever got in the face of batsmen. He may have over-reacted but so did Haddin. This is just perfect isn't it! It's only day 4 and Aus are 9 for in the second dig. You bloody beauty. The way Gayle has batted WI are certainly a chance of chasing 350 odd. I reckon they deserve it too.

  6. 11 foot 16 inches tall and he bowls off spin....give me a break.

  7. that's what makes it even funnier.

    C grade picked up its second win in a row today and I've decided to go back up to Bs after the break. We only posted 160 from our 40 overs but restricted them to 140 for 2! We've got a couple of older lads to take on the captaincy so I feel much better about leaving the blokes. They needed 22 off the last over and I bowled myself my only over for the day and they got 2 off it. I ran straight to one of the guys at mid wicket and gave him a bear hug. I still can't believe we did it.

  8. Australia have some troubles. Some deep troubles. But before I get into that can I just highlight the downright bad luck of one Bradley Hodge. He calls it a day because he accepts that he will only ever be a back up if Ponting goes down and what happens? Surely Ponting will not play on Boximg Day. Clarke is not a number three's asshole and Hussey is starting to stink, I thing rigor mortis is setting in. Genuine number three will be the next issue with Australian cricket and it will shit all over the spinner dilemna. I'm not saying Hodge is the answer but I struggle to see who will step into the breach when Ponting calls it a day. There is simply no one in the side at the moment. Clarke may have given it a shot in the second dig but I for one would not put a pubic hair from around my left nut area on Clarke saving the day at one for bugger all on day one of an Ashes test. That leaves the question of who. Who will take the pivotal role of number three?

  9. talk of hughes if the hypchamber doesn't get punter right!?

  10. Let's hope so, there certainly a few batsmen like Rogers, Klinger and Marsh that have done everything right to get a spot but Hughes should be first cab off the rank. Jaques hit a solid ton too!