Monday, 14 December 2009

Decisions, decisions

To local cricket and Mt Lofty C grade picked up its first win on Sat against an under strength Bridgewater. B grade has its bye (2 weeks) and so I've picked up the C grade captaincy since the usual captain has broken a finger (he's a keeper) and will be out for the rest of the season.

I would love some advice here - the details as to why I'll get to - but first a quick run-down of the day.

We won the toss and decided to bat first. C grade plays 40 over one-dayers so my motto is 'get runs on the board'. I opened up and lost my partner at around 11 overs. Number 3 hung around and made a beautiful 63 - we made 120 odd together, number 4 came and went quickly then number 5 and I finished it off. We made 3 for 214 off our 40 and I felt quite confident we could defend it. I made 82 not out.

Our bowling ripped through them - they were all out for 98. I threw the ball around after the two opening bowlers got through their 8 over allocation each. I use 9 bowlers and all but one got at least one wicket. I was very pleased with how we went about it.

So, to the dilemma. My role in the caretaker captaincy is to find the right bloke to take over for me to go back up to B grade. After making a decent score; although very scratchy early, I'm confident of translating it to opening in B grade. However, there really isn't anyone who would either want to captain or be too suitable for the job. Without blowing my trumpet too much I think I'm good at leading a side and all the players remarked how much fun the day was; easy to say when you've picked up your first win for the season! I know the fellas would love to have me captain for the rest of the season but I have no idea what the right thing to do is. In some ways I think it's a compromise between what's best for my own cricket and the club. On this level I feel it's wise to finish the season in C grade and lead from the front - aiming to carry the bat every week. However, the A grade captain pointed out the youth of our B grade and that I'm needed there to 'show the young fellas how to play the game'. A very beautiful compliment.

Ah, what to do!


  1. Quite a dilemna Lefty. Not one I have been in. I think perhaps you need to let the C grade side know they have the capability to get good wins if they perform. Although I am sure each bowling change was timed to perfection the fact you used 9 bowlers would suggest to me some sort of depth in the leather flinging, or some sort of genius on your part. It's up to you to decide which was the case.
    As for me on the weekend I must admit to a first in my cricketing career. A golden duck!! After 23 odd years of playing cricket I have finally experienced the long walk to the crease followed by the even longer walk back next ball. Let me just throw in that I arrived to the ground at 2 minutes to the start and met my captain as the openers walked out. He said "Throw your pads on, you're opening". It was literally 3 miutes later that I watched the first ball come out of the bowlers hand and go to pitch just outside off as I got my front leg forward. It swung very late, very sharp and somehow got through the gate to take the bails off. I took a quick look at the pegs and wandered off. Not an experience I wish to repeat.

  2. Certainly no genius on my part!
    Goldens suck but they happen mate. We've all been quacking at some point.

  3. same as Nospmas... no chance of me getting to that point. well done on a great day and knock mate.

    i'd be inclined to talk to the club captain/prez and see where he see you being most useful.

    i think people can lift to a position in a team, but good captains are that because of their character; if no one else is suited in C's, then you are the man... as long as you are happy doing it.
    others can open in B's, but it sounds like it will be a rudderless ship in C's if you go.

    my 2c

    Nos, bummer!i know how i felt with my only duck (3rd ball), but as we know, that yellow tinge just adds so much more to what is already nothing... if that makes sense!

    but one in 23 years, i would think is character building, and not even a blemish. still, you'd love to hang hang up the pads without one!