Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lee? Clark? Either? Neither?

So if Brett and Stuart were fully fit and rearing to go would you pick them???
Highpathetical in this case there are no injuries to Siddle, Johnson or any other Aussie bowler.

Clarke over Lee surely (I reckon Brett is done) and only to make sure Clark is match fit for the tour of Pomgolia.

Personally I dont think there should be any change and the next bowlers in line for a crack should come from:
Harwood (So many reasons, even cricket ones)
Bollinger (A Sub-Editors wet dream)
Bracken (Does he have the head for the 5 day game? methinks he does)
Davis (I know, I know another Left armer)
Any other young up and comer who lives fast, bowls fast, breathes fire, and aches to kill his first batsman with a piece of leather.

Any others?

It's time to let all the up and comers know that we have wiped the slate clean and the spots are there for the taking.

Unless your from NSW

Outside Sledge


  1. Harwood is destructive... b oth with the ball and on his own body! he'd just be another break-down statistic.

    Bracken surely deserves a go.

  2. There's no way any of us could watch Bracken bowl 18 overs in a day. Come on guys! That weird arse lookin blonde get up he's got goin on!

  3. It would be nice to think that looks don't play such a petty part in our beloved game...then again it would be nice to think that Katich and Siddle would wrestle Nathan to the ground in the dressing room while Ponting shaved his golden locks off and Johnson whipped him with his stupid hair tie.....all the while Richie Benaud in the background monologueing on the primacy of Test Cricket and what it takes to play it. Also commentating with such insights as: "Thats money for Jam" and my personal favourite: "Well".

  4. i think you two are saying these things to compensate for you lustiness of bracken!

  5. Really I think you two are right though - Bracken has proved himself in the 4 day game. He bowls long spells and keeps it tight; his problem is though that he's not a strike bowler. Macdonald is only in because allrounders are still the flavour of the month. But look at the others in the line up - they'll get you wickets and Macdonald will keep the runs down. I don't think there's really a place for Bracken honestly. Maybe he should move to Vic! :)

    By the way - check out Cleary from SA; hopefully he plays County in the offseason cos he's going to be big next summer. Aus do have some great bowling stocks around in Nannes, Harris, Harwood and co.